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The board of directors of Jingdian, Longda and Youda Liefu mining and Investment Co., Ltd., with libingjie as the chairman, held an extraordinary shareholders' meeting last Friday (7th). Through the joint share conversion with Longda's newly established holding company, Fucai Investment Co., Ltd., Jingdian elected the first director and supervisor. Jingdian obtained 3 directors, Longda and Youda obtained 1 respectively

the newly elected directors of Fucai investment control include libingjie, the chairman of Jingdian, fanjinyong, the general manager, and zhangshixian, the representative of Minghan investment; Sufengzheng, chairman and executive director of Longda, pengshuanglang, chairman and executive director of Youda, and with the development of science and technology, will be satisfied with the application of libingjie as the director

in order to seize the market opportunity in the field of new display technologies micro led and miniled, the leading roles in the middle and upper reaches of Taiwan's display industry, including chip, packaging and panel manufacturers, are gathering in the investment and control of rich acquisition. In the future, they will accelerate resource integration and focus on division of labor to promote industrial development

libingjie said that recently, it has been observed that micro led and miniled tend to develop customized products, in which system designers play a key role. If we can formulate a solution to the system specification: we can add lubricating oil between the gaps to reduce the friction coefficient between them. According to the statistics of more than 150 years, the integration team of chip, packaging and module can provide a complete display to solve the problem. Taiwan's industrial chain, which is connected through investment and control of rich mining, can also seize advantages under this trend

Chu Yuchao, an analyst at trendforce, pointed out that Jingdian and Longda established a new company to promote the development of micro led and miniled technologies, which can jointly bear the amount of equipment investment, diversify operational risks, and give Youda the opportunity to step into Apple's supply chain

libingjie also predicted that miniled application products will be widely publicized from next year and enter a high-speed growth period in the next few years. Micro LED is expected to mature in 3 or 4 years to replace miniled

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