3 rooms and 2 halls, simple style, practical decor

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Because it is a private house built on its own land, and the house type is uniformly planned by the government, a look at the house type map reveals many disadvantages. Although the house area is large, it wastes a lot of space. The hard decoration of three rooms and two halls is very simple, which integrates the essence of modern decoration style. The soft decoration part is completely arranged according to your own ideas. Because there are few things in Mianyang, and it is not cheap to discount, so some small items in the later stage are also selected online

[house type]: three bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms

[area]: 150 square meters of building surface

[address]: Mianyang

[style]: modern simple and low luxury style

original house type figure

as soon as you enter the door, the opposite is a bedroom door, and the toilet door is on the right. This is not very good for Feng Shui, and it is too stingy to open a small door, so the changes have been made:

because the space behind the sofa is really open, So I considered a bar at the back of the sofa, which was a bit more interesting

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