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The romance in my heart address of this case: songtaoyuan phase II

Homeowner: Miss Qing (online name) and her boyfriend

decoration style: simple pastoral

Miss Qing is a gentle and romantic woman. Working as a personnel manager in a foreign enterprise, she yearns for a delicate and dreamy home environment in her life. When she first came to miss Qing's home, she was sitting with her boyfriend in the sunshine on the terrace sipping coffee. The latte smell in the air was strong and warm. After understanding Miss Qing's requirements, "e; Prefer artistic hand-painted " With the idyllic decoration style of Miss Qing's whole home, two hand-painted pictures are designed for the master bedroom and study of Miss Qing's home:

the sunny bedroom is adjacent to the white wall of the terrace. A Korean idyllic cartoon is selected. The whole picture is dominated by fresh and natural green, which not only makes up for the single color of Miss Qing's bedroom (pure white), becomes the essence of a little sunny, but also reveals the romantic personality of the host. The decoration of the study is also based on pure white. In order to create a quiet and simple environment, a few meter style small painting is specially painted on a small wall beside the door. The background color is mainly white on the wall, and the picture is unique




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