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Although it is the peak season for decoration, now the door and window market is facing such a situation that "the peak season is not prosperous, and the off-season is not weak", and consumers are increasingly inclined to rational consumption. Today, when whole house customization has become a trend, whether it is to continue to adopt the traditional brand expansion method, or to fight hard in the customized market, or even to directly enter the e-commerce channel, door and window enterprises need to constantly explore the market law in this process, and only by following the market demand can they move forward in the fierce competition. Door and window enterprises need to strive to build brands

despite the poor market environment, some enterprises that do brands and do domestic market enterprises still grew rapidly last year. It is much more difficult to be a brand now than in the early years. However, door and window enterprises still need to build their own brands: in terms of product research and development, they should be suitable for the current consumer groups to innovate, not necessarily "tall", not necessarily the development idea of big brands, nor do they advertise wantonly in the media. This simple and crude way of building brands is out of date. Door and window enterprises only need to have their own "fan group", which can be recognized by the crowd in a market segment and work intensively in a more segmented market. Whole house customization has become a trend

at the same time, there are also some new growth points worth excited by door and window enterprises. For example, the whole house customization market is developing rapidly. Under this consumption trend, people's consumption concept has changed, and personalized needs have been paid more and more attention. In recent years, many door and window enterprises have also begun to intervene in this area. The furniture made at the decoration site can't be made with good technology and environmental protection. Through the whole house customization, there are good production equipment in the factory, and the technology and environmental protection are also better. The decoration site is only installed, which also reduces the decoration time of consumers. Of course, for door and window enterprises, to intervene in the whole house customization, they need to deal with designers, the input of factory production equipment should be more intelligent, and customization needs accurate data control. E-commerce is the key to the development of the door and window industry.

nowadays, the Internet and people's lives are inseparable. The "Internet +" model has penetrated into all walks of life. The Internet has changed people's consumption habits. Under the new consumption trend, e-commerce is a big growth point in the future. According to the prediction of China e-commerce research center, the scale of e-commerce of household building materials products in China will reach 205billion in 2015, of which the scale of online shopping will increase by 249% and the online shopping rate will reach 17.5%. However, at present, the only one that can be called successful in the e-commerce of China's door and window industry is baiyijia bathroom wardrobe, but on the whole, e-commerce talents in the door and window industry are still relatively weak, and door and window enterprises need to be fully prepared to enter e-commerce

in short, facing the increasingly fierce competitive environment, door and window enterprises can only occupy a place in the market through continuous adjustment, and whole house customization has become a trend

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