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If there is no decoration this year, I'm afraid I can't afford it next year

2017 will soon pass, and the decoration price will soar all the way in 2018. A lot of things will happen in everyone's life this year. You can secretly laugh at the little friends who have already been decorated. The little friends who haven't been decorated and are not ready for decoration next year may be distressed, because the decoration cost next year may be increased by a large margin, although there is a decoration boom after the Spring Festival, Prices usually rise

in 2018, the cost of decoration market increased by 20%~35%, so some things are still set early. The price increase has become a trend. Buy early and earn early, decorate early and earn early

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the decoration price in 18 years is bound to rise, not only the price of raw materials, but also the labor cost in recent years. But what are the factors that cause the decoration price to rise

first, China will levy environmental protection tax from January 1, 2018

starting to levy environmental protection tax on January 1, 2018, it is bound to increase enterprise costs and force enterprise reform, which means that all kinds of price increases, combined with annual wage increases, annual GDP increases, a little inflation, a little personalized pursuit, and small ideas of quality of life, in order to achieve, combined with reality, price increases are the inevitable result

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Second, the strictest restriction in the history of 2017

2017 is a year of market reshuffle. In 2016, the country began to carry out environmental protection inspections. At the end of 2016, I always thought that this environmental wind would blow over, but I didn't expect it to be more ferocious in the past 17 years. Let us see the government's determination to govern the environment, but also brought a huge impact on the manufacturing industry

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third, the state announced the "load restriction order", and all raw materials rose by 10%

according to the work plan for the management of vehicle transporters, the entrance of the expressway will be strictly controlled. From September 21, double row vehicle transporters will be strictly prohibited from entering the expressway, and at the same time, protective measures will be taken to persuade the return and diversion. By July, 2018, non compliant vehicles and transporters will be prohibited from entering the expressway. The enterprises that used to save costs by overloading will no longer exist

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IV. with all prices rising, labor costs will inevitably rise, otherwise labor costs will not be enough for living expenses, and it is expected to rise by 10%

according to the market situation of home decoration, the labor costs of plasterers, bricklayers, carpenters, painters and other decoration workers will rise to varying degrees from the end of each year to the beginning of each year

as prices rise, the actual cost of living increases, coupled with the shortage of skilled decoration workers, the wages of basic decoration workers also rise with the tide. In particular, young people are less and less choosing this industry, resulting in a shortage of personnel

among the types of work involved in home decoration, the increase of carpentry labor cost is particularly obvious. At this time last year, the daily salary of an ordinary carpenter was 230-240 yuan/day, but this year it has generally risen to 260-280 yuan/day, and some teachers with good reputation even reached 300 yuan/day

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v. how much did building materials and accessories rise in 2017

1. the rise of building materials

the price rise of floors and plates is the most obvious. The overall rise of wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes and furniture is nearly 20%. The supply of logs in the entire international market is very tight. After the implementation of the National Natural Protection Project for the domestic wood industry and the forest areas, the supply of wood suitable for furniture is reduced

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2. Auxiliary materials rise

auxiliary materials such as cement, sand, paint, paint, etc. all show a rising price trend...

A. cement sand belongs to basic building materials

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B. the price of cement sand rises by 17%

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C. The price of paint and paint rises by 10%-20%

due to the world chemical giants BASF, Dow Chemical, Eastman DuPont titanium and other coating raw and auxiliary materials have increased the price on a large scale, and all TDI products have been raised globally. In addition, the oil price is still high, and all logistics companies across the country have raised the price as a whole, resulting in a significant increase in enterprise transportation costs. The rising labor costs and operating costs are important reasons that affect the overall price increase of coating enterprises

e. the price of light steel keel increased by more than 10%

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the national comprehensive average price of steel increased by 16.1% over the same period last year, which directly led to the price increase of light steel keel and other materials used in decoration by more than 10%

f. the prices of wires, galvanized iron pipes and hardware increased by 20%-25%

the prices of metal raw materials such as copper, aluminum and zinc continued to rise, of which the price of copper alone increased by more than 20% over last July. The rise of metal raw materials has a huge impact on decoration, with wires, galvanized iron pipes, hardware, etc. rising by 20% to 25%




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