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Some friends may think that small houses can be built with modern simplicity. In fact, small houses also have many choices. American style is different from other styles in that it can make people feel the most real existence. It is simple and warm, and more fashionable among all kinds of customs. Recently, Ms. He asked through the decoration bidding, hoping to recommend a different small American style to her. Next, what the editor will share is the 89 square meter two room American style decoration model room in Lido, Baoye Optical Valley. Let's go and have a look

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[Baoye Optical Valley Lido 89 flat two room apartment type map]

[Baoye Optical Valley Lido 89 flat two room American style decoration model room display]

design notes: even small apartments can create unique American style in them. Through the natural combination of hard and soft clothing, create a warm and natural comfort. And will try to open the space, so that the original cramped space appears much more spacious

American living room:

the living room space with wood color as the bottom is matched with coffee color, showing an atmospheric and elegant home environment. In addition, the use of ceramic tiles to decorate the ground has improved the overall grade, and the three-dimensional sense of the wall makes the living room full of fashion flu

American bedroom:

the American style bedroom is much softer, and the white based tone highlights the freshness. Occasionally, some small broken flowers and wooden accessories make it warm and beautiful, as if they also smell such an idyllic flavor

American leisure area:

although the area is small, the owner still wants to have his own multi-functional area in the bedroom. We see the above leisure area full of American space. Under the unified tone of furniture, exquisite hanging pictures also play a role of finishing point. Wooden things look so textured

American kitchen (bar):

different from the previous pure white walls, blue tiles are used on the walls of American kitchen, matched with light wooden cabinets, which brings a refreshing visual experience. In addition, the exquisite small bar echoes the living room, and the wood colored kitchen forms a coordinated whole with the dining room and living room, which must be favored by many young people

nowadays, American style home decoration has gradually been stationed in people's vision. According to Xiaobian, young people in particular love this style more than a little. Do you still like the two room American style of Baoye Optical Valley Lido shared by the above editor? Well, if you are planning to decorate, you might as well publish the decoration bidding! There is a lot of decoration information here, and the ranking information of authoritative latest decoration companies is shared in a timely manner. There are more than 60 decoration companies that provide home decoration consulting free of charge, and more than three companies that measure houses and design schemes free of charge. You can choose the best, and there is no need to worry about decoration. Now you can sign up for the community group purchase activity free of charge, and you can also enjoy the decoration deduction of 3000 yuan~

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