How can door and window agents build momentum with

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Using traditional festivals as a method of promotion has become one of the mainstream methods for window agents to sell fake goods. As more manufacturers participate in the festival promotion, it becomes even more difficult for door and window agents to rush out of the army. Therefore, when formulating the promotion plan, the door and window agents also need to combine ideas with practice to fit the local atmosphere

common wisdom promotion

if door and window agents want to break the dilemma, it is necessary to adapt to popular promotion methods. In addition, with the rise of many media channels, door and window agents should learn to use these channels to publicize to all corners of the society, and then lead to the discussion effect and communication of attention and composition, so as to build momentum for door and window brands. In such an era of media communication, it is necessary for door and window agents to have the courage to innovate and combine intelligence with communication capital promotion to have the possibility of winning

relevance leads to consensus

window agents need to combine the promotion of selling points with the civilization of the brand to make the goods more amiable, which will naturally promote the progress of sales. On the other hand, as far as consumers are concerned, this kind of commodity, which contains the same love and temperature elements as human beings, will stir up their consensus when purchasing. At this stage, this promotion method is very satisfied with consumers' psychological and aesthetic search, and it also smoothes consumers' tired thoughts of advertising by weakening the commercial color of doors and windows

in a word, if door and window agents want to win the top job in the mall, it is necessary to learn to know the hot spots, invent the promotion of differentiated ideas, fully explore the civilization of the commodity itself together, and combine it with the civilization of the manufacturer to strive to attract the love of consumers




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