Liebherr and Kamaz started to produce new diesel e

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Liebherr and Kamaz began to produce new diesel engines

Liebherr and Kamaz began to produce new diesel engines

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. In the past three years, Kamaz engine production plant has carried out large-scale reforms to promote the production of new engines: it has installed production facilities for cylinder block and cylinder head processing that are easier to remove makeup, as well as the most advanced assembly lines, including test bench and painting area. In december2017, the first batch of components of the new engine Kamaz 910.10 were completed and entered the assembly line

Liebherr and Kamaz have completed the research and development of new engines

(from left to right: Mr. Willi Liebherr, chairman of Liebherr group and Mr. Sergey kogogin, general manager of Kamaz company)

"in order to produce the most advanced Kamaz trucks, we need to adopt innovative methods," said Mr. Sergey kogogin, general manager of Kamaz company, "We are working hard to optimize our products and enter new market areas. The new engines we have developed in cooperation with Liebherr adopt the world's advanced technology, with powerful power and reliable performance. Liebherr has rich experience in the field of R & D and production of engines for severe weather and working conditions. In cooperation with Liebherr, we can greatly improve the technical characteristics and consumer oriented characteristics of vehicles to produce safer and more Environmentally friendly trucks. "

completion of R & D and start-up of mass production of new in-line six cylinder diesel engine

in the process of engine R & D, we focus on reducing the number of stuck engines. Although this requires a certain amount of time, fuel consumption, optimization of working weight, improvement of reliability and extension of service life. The new in-line six cylinder engine has a displacement of 12 liters and is equipped with a common rail system and an engine control unit (ECU) developed by Liebherr. Engines with similar configurations have proven to be very effective in a variety of Liebherr mechanical equipment. Some advantages of the new engine include low fuel consumption and low emission. It not only meets the Euro 5 emission standard, but also meets the Euro 6 emission standard in the future due to health and environmental protection reasons. In addition, the maintenance interval of this engine has been increased to 150000 km


"We have been cooperating with each other for many years since the R & D of the production facilities of Kamaz gearbox. Therefore, we are very pleased to witness the birth of this new engine, which is the direct result of the joint efforts of the R & D personnel and engineers. The current production and assembly line is specially built for the new engine and adopts cutting-edge technology, which is impressive. I would like to thank all the workers of Liebherr and Kamaz in particular. It is you To make the project go smoothly. I wish this new engine success, "said Mr. Willi Liebherr, chairman of Liebherr group

all new assembly lines are now started. The industrial production of in-line six cylinder engine will be started in Kamaz production plant in march2018, with a design annual output of 12000 power assemblies. Within the framework of the project, Kamaz has established 150 work sites. The new engine will be carried on the next generation Kamaz K5 truck and is planned to start production in 2019

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