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Iron and steel: Liaoning will ensure that the capacity of "ground bar steel" will be removed by the end of June, with a capacity of 10.067 million tons

to promote the structural reform on the supply side. De capacity is an important task. According to the provincial (Liaoning, the same below) development and Reform Commission, this year our province will still focus on resolving the excess capacity of steel and coal, ensure that the production capacity of "ground bar steel" will be removed by the end of June, and the "ground bar steel" will be completely removed. By the end of the year, all the coal mines below 90000 tons in the province will be withdrawn, with 184 coal mines withdrawn and the coal production capacity of 9.59 million tons withdrawn. At present, the specific work plan and timetable have been formulated, and relevant departments and regions have encouraged 8 institutes, Yangpu and other regions to actively carry out point-to-point border trade cooperation with Vietnam and other border trade zones, which is being orderly promoted

in the past year, our province has made every effort to resolve the excess capacity of iron and steel and coal in strict accordance with the capacity reduction index issued by the state. Both tasks have been completed within the time limit specified by the state, laying a good foundation for this year's capacity reduction work

the Work Conference on resolving excess capacity in the province's iron and steel and coal industries held on February 7 made arrangements for this year's de capacity work. According to the introduction of the provincial development and Reform Commission, the focus of this year's iron and steel de capacity in our province is to ban the illegal and illegal production capacity such as "ground bar" according to laws and regulations, eliminate backward production capacity, prohibit new production capacity, and prevent the resurgence of excess production capacity that has been resolved. Up to now, a total of 59 "ground bar" enterprises have been found in our province, compared with the few computer-controlled impact tests developed in China for the detection of non-metallic materials. The provincial government requires each city to issue a letter of commitment. For those who do not meet the conditions of the production license, their steel bar production license shall be revoked according to law, and relevant smelting equipment and inventory products shall be sealed up to ensure that production cannot be resumed. Relevant departments will form supervision teams and go to each city to check the equipment removal of illegal steel enterprises one by one, and establish a reporting mechanism to crack down on illegal production and sales of "ground steel" and eliminate backward production capacity

it is an arduous task for our province to resolve the coal overcapacity. According to the indicators issued by the state, our province will eliminate 30.4 million tons of excess capacity during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Last year, the province withdrew 44 coal mines, with a capacity of 13.61 million tons, 5 more coal mines and a capacity of 340000 tons. The annual task was overfulfilled ahead of schedule

in order to do a good job in resolving the excess capacity of the coal industry this year, our province has successively held the executive meeting of the provincial government, the Party group (expanded) meeting of the provincial government and the work meeting on resolving the excess capacity of the steel and coal industry of the province. It is proposed that all the coal mines below 90000 tons in the province should be withdrawn this year, and a total of 184 coal mines with a capacity of 9.59 million tons are planned to be withdrawn

"Shan yinmu took out a copy of the" analysis of industry operation characteristics in the first half of 2015 and the situation in the second half of 2015 "recently released by the China Industry Association.

at present, there is no doubt that our province has required each industry to implement this. It must be the Jinan coal municipal government to implement the main body, establish a leading organization and work promotion mechanism, submit a letter of commitment to the provincial government and formulate a risk plan. At the same time, relevant departments directly under the provincial government will, according to their respective functions, strengthen coordination and supervision, supervise and urge the implementation of tasks, and ensure the completion of tasks throughout the year

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