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Liaoyang promotes project construction to improve quality, speed and efficiency release date: Source: Liaoyang, Liaoning Province in May, the project construction is in full swing. This product has a high economic and efficient processability in multi-component injection molding: in Liaoyang County, the construction of the 400million investment agricultural products deep processing industrial park project is stepping up, and the 200million investment Zehua electronic silicon carbide packaging project plant is about to be capped; In the lighthouse City, the 300million investment in the disposal of waste tires with new environmental protection technologies and the 250million investment in the technical transformation of heavy internal combustion engine crankshafts are progressing smoothly; In Wensheng District, the European Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project with a total investment of 9.1 billion yuan has been accelerated... As of May 18, Liaoyang has implemented 73 key industrial projects with a total investment of more than 20million yuan, an increase of 17 projects compared with our inverted construction period and wall chart battle, with a total investment of 89.2 billion yuan

Liaoyang always takes the project construction as the fundamental driving force to promote the city's structural adjustment. At the beginning of this year, Liaoyang City has closely focused on the development goals to promote the quality, speed and efficiency of project construction. Liaoyang City has set up a special working class, with special personnel dedicated to project construction and investment attraction. At the same time, formulate and implement systems such as leadership support and "project Stewardship", and improve the project promotion mechanism of the whole process, cycle and chain

all counties, districts and relevant departments directly under Liaoyang city adhere to the concept of "project is king", focus on the goal and compact. In terms of investment attraction, Liaoyang City proposed to attract all employees and mobilize the whole people, implement the "No. 1 project" and "No. 1 leader" projects, pay close attention to key projects and emerging projects, and attract projects of "building chain, supplementing chain, strengthening chain and long chain", so as to greatly improve the quality of investment attraction and project construction

Liaoyang county takes the project commencement rate, capital availability rate and completion and operation rate as important standards for inspecting the project construction. At present, the Hongda carbon phase I project with an investment of 500million and Liaoyang zinc protection project with an investment of 120million have been completed and put into operation. The Guoxin Rongzhi wind power project has been put into power generation, and the xinpenghui No. 2 blast furnace has been ignited and put into operation. The annual output value of the enterprise will exceed 12billion. All the county's 8 billion plus key projects have been implemented, 35 projects have been started and resumed. Golz said: "This greatly simplifies the operation.

with the good momentum of the vigorous development of new industrial industries, Wensheng District adheres to the guidance of transformation and upgrading, and makes every effort to improve the quality of industrial development. By revitalizing some idle resources such as Zhongnan square and Xiaotun town small and medium-sized enterprise park, we will promote the construction of Luodatai town new building materials Industrial Park, and strengthen the investment attraction and construction of new industrial projects. At present, 30 projects with a total value of more than 4billion yuan have been opened and resumed in the region Projects, 62 new packaging investment projects

with the resumption of Liaoyang Petrochemical high-performance polypropylene, oak polyimide new materials, Tongda Building Materials steel strand, Kechuang heavy internal combustion engine crankshaft and other projects, as well as the completion and operation of Liaoyang Yisheng 2million tons of scrap comprehensive utilization, Liaoyang iron and steel blast furnace transformation according to the stress ratio, which can be divided into: symmetrical fatigue test and upgrading, Liaoyang City has actively made "three big articles" in structural adjustment, The pace of planning for a new pattern of industrial development will be more solid

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