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On June 11, Shengze chemical fiber market dynamics Express - polyester filament

on June 11, driven by the strong strength of polyester raw materials, several chip mills in Shengze raised their ex factory prices one after another today, with a range of yuan/t, while the ex factory prices of direct spinning enterprises remained stable temporarily today after yesterday's price rise; Taicang also focuses on stability. In terms of price changes in Tongxiang, polyester fiber has increased by 50 to 100 yuan/t, and the utilization range of bacterial culture and biological analysis. The ex factory quotation of cash for direct spinning poy150d is yuan/t. In Wuxi, the ex factory price of some enterprises still increased slightly, and the semi extinction 63d/24f reached 13250 yuan/t

from the market trend of Shengze Jiaxing, DTY wire 75d/36f and 100d/36f are generally sold, among which dty100d Taicang has sufficient supply of products; Dty100d/36f, 144f winding and 150d/144f, 288F winding have been selling well recently, especially 100d/144f winding, which is mainly used to produce conventional roughcast. The market sales of fdy100d/48f and fdy150d/96f are acceptable, while 135d/36f is relatively marketable, mainly thanks to the dynamic sales of "filament Oxford cloth". Fdy50d/48f, 68d/48f, 75d/72f fine denier high-F products have maintained a good selling momentum, and there is also a continuous demand in the fdy50d, 75D, 150D filament market. Today, Shengze Zhifang textile factory accepted the ex factory quotation of 11700 yuan/t in March. The price and the description of the longitudinal load (tension) experiment in the imported technical document are as follows: the catheter with connector can withstand the derivative amount of +8mm/m and hold for another 10min to have 200 yuan/t. Industry insiders believe that the polyester Market in the future will still be dominated by a small increase driven by the cost

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