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List of local the Belt and Road projects under this mode: centralized infrastructure and industrial parks

list of local the Belt and Road projects: centralized infrastructure and industrial parks

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learned from the national development and Reform Commission, The list of projects in the national "the Belt and Road" strategic plan includes hundreds of projects at home and abroad. After interviews, the list of projects in Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Gansu, Zhejiang and other provinces and regions surfaced, including various industrial parks and infrastructure projects.

the investment in the "the Belt and Road" project in Gansu is nearly trillion

according to officials in Gansu Province, there are more than 160 major projects in the province this year, with a total investment of about 1 trillion yuan, A large part of them are projects related to the "the Belt and Road", including domestic and international projects in equipment manufacturing, transportation, characteristic agriculture and other fields. These projects will be promoted under the supervision of the provincial government. At the same time, Gansu Province will expand the scope of trade cooperation with central and Western Asia this year, and the construction of relevant projects of the "the Belt and Road" will be implemented in succession

in terms of specific projects, Gansu Nuclear Technology Industrial Park, Zhongwei Lanzhou passenger dedicated line, Dunhuang airport reconstruction and expansion, Zhangye international logistics park, modern beef cattle Industrial Park, Lanzhou international Plateau Summer Vegetables and non-staple food procurement center, and the construction of farmland and water facilities in Gansu Province loaned by the Israeli government have been determined

Shaanxi has opened factories in Central Asian countries

Shaanxi officials said that cooperation projects in various fields between the province and Central Asian countries have been gradually launched, such as Shaanxi coal chemical group, Shaanxi Automobile Group and other enterprises have established factories in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other countries. At the same time, the Sino Russian Silk Road High-tech Industrial Park, which is being jointly built with Russia, plans to develop the Sino Russian aviation cooperation project in 1993, the Sino Russian diamond trading platform, automobile cooperation projects, etc

in terms of domestic construction, it also includes countries such as international innovation industry science and technology R & D Service Center, modern agricultural high-tech industry base and international cooperation center. Transportation hubs and international railway trains have been included in key projects. Shaanxi has made it clear that it will improve the transportation system according to the idea of encryption, capacity expansion and increase, and greatly increase the passenger transport hub and freight transport expansion capacity

Xinjiang has successively launched infrastructure industry projects this year

people from the development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Autonomous Region told great wisdom news agency that many agricultural, energy and transportation projects that have started or are about to start have been identified as key projects of the "the Belt and Road". At present, it has been made clear that a number of major infrastructure and industrial development projects that play a leading role in the overall construction of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt will be launched this year

currently known related projects include Xinjiang logistics cooperation base, science and technology cooperation and exchange center, China Tajikistan agricultural demonstration park, China Kazakhstan agricultural demonstration park, and China Kazakhstan capacity cooperation projects involving steel, cement, flat glass, energy and other fields. Biocompatibility refers to the interaction between blood fluid and dialysis membrane or adsorbent and other foreign materials

Zhejiang launched 54 key projects with a total amount of US $15.6 billion

Zhejiang Province launched 54 key projects at the recent docking and exchange meeting of cooperation projects along the Silk Road, with the participation of 38 enterprises, with a total investment and contract amount of US $15.686 billion. The director of the Provincial Department of Commerce said on Sunday that Zhejiang's participation in the construction of the "the Belt and Road" will start with economic and trade cooperation, give full play to its advantageous position in the global production of light industry and consumer goods and international procurement, optimize the layout of Zhejiang's industries and enterprises along the line, and expand the field and scale of economic and trade cooperation between countries along the line

it is reported that the above cooperation projects involve 24 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, central and Eastern Europe, North Africa and other places, covering petrochemical, metal smelting, automobile manufacturing, construction of overseas economic and trade parks, power station projects, housing construction, communication engineering, transportation engineering and other fields

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