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List of chemical projects that won the national science and Technology Award in 2009

list of chemical projects that won the national science and Technology Award in 2009

January 15, 2010

[China paint information] list of some chemical projects that won the national science and Technology Award in 2009

serial number project name recommendation unit

second prize of natural science

1 transition metal oxygen (sulfur) Research on the electromagnetic behavior of chemicals Chinese Academy of Sciences

2 Research on new chiral catalysts based on combination methods and assembly strategies Shanghai

3 some chiral catalytic synthesis methodologies and their applications in polypeptide research controllable preparation and self-assembly of hyperbranched polymers in Gansu Province Shanghai

5 electrochemiluminescence and its analytical methods combined with capillary electrophoresis research on chemical reactions in multiphase systems of Chinese Academy of Sciences

6 Basic research and application experts of engineering and reactor recommend

7 new concept organic electroluminescent materials Ministry of education

8 organic polymer luminescent materials and their application in display devices Jilin Province

9 Principles and methods of comprehensive cascade utilization of energy and CO2 Control in energy power system

Second Prize for technological invention of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1 key technology for manufacturing and application of environment-friendly wood-based panel adhesive state forestry administration

2 Supramolecular Structure Lead-free heat stabilizer Beijing

3 preparation method and lamination technology of polytetrafluoroethylene composite film CO stretching; Zhejiang Province

4 interface physical and chemical research on the functionalization process of antibacterial fiber materials; Shanxi Province

5 microwave electrodeless ultraviolet light catalytic oxidation and mass separation treatment and reuse technology of textile printing and dyeing wastewater; China Textile Industry Association

6 new technology for the preparation of ultra-fine wear-resistant titanate fiber and its application Oil 1 generally requires that the force value with more than two decimal places can be obtained experimentally, and the chemical industry association

7 is a market-oriented global company, pervaporation pervious membranes, membrane components and their application technology, China Petroleum and chemical industry association

8 gear oil extreme pressure anti-wear additives Composite preparation technology and industrial application China National Petroleum Corporation

9 preparation and application technology of PEEK resin China Petroleum and chemical industry association

10 key technology for the preparation of high-performance polymer/ultra-fine inorganic powder composites Ministry of education

11 new technology for the preparation of high-performance acrylic resin and its application in coatings China Petroleum and chemical industry association

12 CO2 resistance 3cr series oil casing and manufacturing process technology for H2S corrosion Shanghai

13 high efficiency and low resistance gas enhanced heat transfer technology and its application Shaanxi Province

14 Chemical Industry Park industrial wastewater treatment new technology and engineering application China Petroleum and chemical industry association

15 cleaner production process and methods for coating industry Hunan Province

16 energy conservation, emission reduction, safety and high efficiency key processes and equipment for oil and gas gathering and transportation Shaanxi Province

first prize for scientific and technological progress

1 development and application of complete set of naphtha catalytic reforming technology

Second Prize for scientific and technological progress of China National Petroleum and Chemical Corporation

1 phosphorus chemical total waste self gelling filling mining technology China Petroleum and chemical industry association

2 fungal pesticide industrialization and forest pest Sustainable Control Technology State Forestry Administration

3 activated carbon microstructure and its surface group directional Preparation Application Technology State Forestry Administration

4 rice/wheat straw people Plate making technology and industrialization State Forestry Administration

5 selection of technological innovation projects for coal development and utilization based on the integration mode of scientific and technological resources required strength plate Ministry of science and technology

6 chemical Wall Consolidation and drilling fluid technology for oil and gas reservoir protection and industrial application China Petroleum and chemical industry association

7 non planar fracturing technology and industrial application to greatly improve oil and gas production China Association for science and technology

8 binary composite high efficiency drive Oil enhanced oil recovery technology Sinopec

9 overall optimization process of oil field in high water cut stage Key technology and industrial application development and application of drilling technology for complex structured wells in Shengli Oil Region of Heilongjiang Province

10 Shandong Province

11 medium and deep heavy oil thermal recovery technology and application of greatly enhanced oil recovery technology and application of key technology for resource utilization of waste paper and papermaking wastewater of China National Petroleum Corporation

12 R & D and application of Guangdong Province

13 gel spinning high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber and its continuous weft free fabric preparation technology Industrialization and application development plastic additives for textile industry in China should also have the following properties: Industry Association

14 key technology of ethylbenzene dehydrogenation to styrene, research and development and application of axial radial reactor and new catalyst, Shanghai

15 optimized operation technology and industrial application of large-scale ethylene plant, Jiangsu Province

16 production technology development and promotion of degradable bio based superabsorbent resin, China Petroleum and chemical industry association

17 cyclohexanone Research and development and demonstration of efficient clean coal to methanol and combined cycle integrated system of China Petrochemical Corporation

18 fixed bed catalytic dehydrogenation to ammonia?? (ISB) Key technology development and application Ministry of education

20 rare earth catalytic materials and their application in vehicle exhaust purification Ministry of education

21 chemical and biological modification and large-scale application of polyolefin materials Chinese Academy of Sciences

22 organic inorganic particle modified polymer composite preparation key technology Shanghai

23 chemical nickel plating dynamic control technology and application Shanghai

24 clean combustion technology and industrialization of coal water slurry instead of oil Application of Zhejiang Province

25 new technology and engineering application of low energy consumption membrane bioreactor sewage recycling

26 key technologies and applications of major pollutants control in coking process

26 China Iron and Steel Industry Association

27 SBR Sewage treatment process and equipment and real-time control technology

28 new technology of sulfur and alkali containing waste water process emission reduction of Ministry of housing and urban rural development

29 Qaidam lead zinc polymetallic alloy and its application in chemical industry It belongs to the integration and application of key technologies for efficient utilization of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction. Qinghai Province

30 coke dry quenching imported technology digestion and absorption "one-stop" development and application China Iron and Steel Industry Association

31 development and industrialization of new crop controlled release fertilizer development and application Shandong Province

32 refractory gold concentrate biological oxidation gold extraction new technology research and application China Gold Association

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