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New smart streetlights come out, friend: later, stand under the streetlights and play

a week's public opinion, South Lila

Tianhe south 2nd road has installed a number of new smart street lights that can be charged and played. These street lights can charge electric cars, check road conditions, connect Wi Fi, search city information, etc. However, it has just been measured and found that some functions are slightly inferior. For the emergence of such new things, friends are also very novel, talking about them, playing and praising them

@ Zhao Guihua praised, "black technology, looking forward to the day of promotion."@ Li Ke, who got on the brick car, also said, "progress! I hope the larger the coverage area in the future, the more convenient to use and the more perfect the performance!"@ Your honor praised the progress of the city, "it's great for my Yangcheng"; There is even a poem from youshixing to express his support, @ Lai Jianzhong left a message: "I feel like changing the old work. I highly praise it: the development of science and technology is changing day and month, and the dream of artificial intelligence has come true. In the future, public Feier wants to benefit thousands of people!"

there are many friends who are eager to experience it, @ madman Yong said, "I saw someone charging yesterday. Immediately said," give me a location. I'll go to charge the electric car when I'm free to see if it's true. "@ Stone joked, "before I stood under the street lamp to read, now I stand under the street lamp to play!"

however, some friends have some concerns and different views, @y- said: "I feel that the touch screen and USB socket are basically obsolete in the later stage. Then roast said:" there is no charging line, the system is not smooth... "

some friends are concerned about the safety performance and configuration of these new smart street lamps@ Qing said, "safety is very important."@ Mr. Yi Yan asked, "if there is serious water on the road after it rains and the socket sinks in the water, will it electrify people?"@ The measurement accuracy of each gear is ± 1%; Taking the closed-loop control mode, Shang Yige SyG also said, "I'm afraid of electric leakage in rainy days." But @hang0vergaga said, "other designers have long thought of this kind of problem you can think of."@ Hanshi Yuuki thought more: "do you want to bring your own charging line?"@ Zhou Sheng of Mu Mu said: 3 The display message is abnormal, "don't look like there is a socket and no connection line on the bus."@ Daqiang 198807 also said that Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. "it would be better if there was a charging line!" In addition, many people are concerned about traffic violations. Passerby Wei asked, "when charging, you won't be copied by the traffic police? Mr. Wei also said," how many points will be deducted for illegal parking? "

the emergence of new smart street lights is now a new landscape of the city, but how to better maintain and effectively play its function in the future needs to be fully considered and improved

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