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In the field of wind energy, the development of international wind turbines, on the one hand, is becoming more and more large-scale, and the single unit capacity of wind turbines is increasing; On the other hand, some manufacturers focus on the development of small wind turbines. Since most small wind turbines are for civil use, they have a size of 5 The software has the characteristics of small user-defined speed setting, convenient installation and use, low cost and high efficiency, so it is suitable for various regions and climatic environments. In recent years, the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries have launched corresponding products. This paper lists the new wind turbine products developed by zephyr company in Japan, Kobelco electric company in Japan and quietrevolution company in Britain for readers' reference

airdolphin mark Zero: air dolphin

Japan zephyr company has developed a small wind turbine airdolphin mark zero, which has a rated output power of 1kW and a total mass of 16KG, and is suitable for operation at various wind speeds. The built-in controller is 300000 yen (about 23000 yuan)

picture source: zephyr company station data

this small wind turbine has five technical characteristics:

1. Light weight

through the use of newly developed blade design and carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the total mass is only 15kg, 15g per watt (continuous rated output power is 1kW)

2. Large range of wind power generation

it can continuously operate and generate electricity from the cut-in wind speed of 2.5m/s to the cut-out wind speed of 50m/s, increasing the total amount of power generation

3. use electric auxiliary rotor

the fan uses a generator to start the rotor, so that the rotor can quickly reach the cut in wind speed point, improve the slow starting performance under breeze conditions, and increase the accumulated electric energy. Every minute, the turbine has 10 seconds to drive the rotor with the previously generated electricity and rotate at the speed of 150rpm. When the rotor has been started by wind rotation, the electric auxiliary system stops running

4. rotatable rudder

just like fish coping with strong current in water, the newly invented rudder can keep the propeller facing the maximum wind force in the air turbulence and increase the accumulated power. The name of the fan "airdolphin" comes from this technology

5. Silent blade is adopted

the newly invented blade has extremely low noise. Inspired by the principle of owl's wings, special treatment is adopted for the blade surface. Fans with low-noise blades also ensure higher conversion efficiency. Table: main parameters of airdolphin mark zero

Japanese household vertical axis windmill

according to Nikkei BP news agency, Japan's Kobelco Electric Co., Ltd. has developed a household wind turbine, which uses vertical axis windmill blades instead of ordinary propeller blades. The wind from all directions can be used, which has the advantage of less wind cutting sound. Due to the silent design, it can also be used in residential dense areas. Although the energy conversion rate of the vertical axis windmill is relatively low compared with the propeller windmill, the household products launched by Shengang electric pay more attention to the design of simple structure and noise reduction

image source: Nikkei BP news agency station data

in order to generate power at a wind speed of 2m/s, the vertical axis windmill uses low resistance bearings to reduce mechanical losses, while the blade material uses aluminum alloy to reduce weight. When the experimental data can be stored in text mode, the windmill reduces the price by developing product parts and reducing the number of parts used, which is suitable for household use. According to the different diameters and heights of windmills, Shengang Electric Co., Ltd. has launched four products at a price of 200000 ~ 300000 yen/set (about 13300 ~ 20000 yuan/set). In addition to families, it is expected that this small wind turbine will also be used in public facilities such as schools. Table: output power parameters of four types of Shengang electric windmills

data source: Nikkei BP station data

British vertical civil wind 2. Technical conditions force generator

a new vertical wind turbine QR5 manufactured by British quietrevolution company is suitable for areas with low wind speed and frequent wind direction changes, and will soon be sold in the U.S. market. QR5 has been approved by the Department of trade and industry (DTI) "low carbon building project", with product number of wt5035; It has obtained patent protection in the UK and is pending in other parts of the world

picture source: data of quietrevolution station in the UK

it is said that the main body of the wind turbine is designed to be mature, with a height of 5 meters and a diameter of 3 meters, integrating various forms of structures; The design of three S-shaped spiral blades can eliminate noise and vibration while obtaining wind energy; There is only one movable part with good sealing, which is easier to maintain daily; Blades, support rods and torque tubes are made of high-strength carbon fiber; The direct drive embedded generator is installed in the support rod and has the functions of automatic shutdown and power peak tracking. See the following table for specific product performance:

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in addition, some small wind turbines produced by the following foreign manufacturers also have their own technical characteristics. The address of the manufacturer is listed here, For readers' reference:

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bergey windpower co.

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lorax energy

northern power systems

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south windpower co.

wind turbine industries corp.

genasys Power Systems Ltd

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consumables for proven Engineering Products Ltd 3D printers ABS plastic The cost of material filaments has not decreased significantly m

marlec Engineering Ltd

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the center for alternative technology

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