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Saiyuan: pay attention to the purchase of low-voltage electrical appliances

at present, electricity has become an indispensable energy for people's daily life and work, and its application is everywhere. Power plugs, sockets, switches, circuit breakers and other connecting devices for safe power access have become essential electrical products for modern family life and modern office automation. However, small low-voltage electrical products represented by power switches are often mistaken by consumers as insignificant and low-tech products, which is a misunderstanding. Matsushita Yukiko, a Japanese business master, once said that the switch is a flag on the wall. In fact, because these low-voltage electrical products are closely related to people's lives, people have higher and higher requirements for its safety, functionality, decoration, operating comfort and so on

in recent years, the home decoration market has been booming, but a large number of low-level residential distribution lines and high-speed development of graphene are now highly sought after, and the demand for civil electricity is extremely incompatible, resulting in an increasing trend of electrical fires and personal electric shock accidents year by year, seriously threatening the lives and property safety of consumers. In addition, some developers ignored the national policies and regulations and unfairly reduced the construction cost, resulting in the distribution lines in some residences failing to meet the standards set by the state, which has major potential safety hazards and greatly damaged the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At the same time, many consumers lack the necessary safety awareness and common sense of distribution lines, pay insufficient attention to concealed works such as electrical lines when buying houses and decorating, and lack the awareness of scientific consumption

with the renovation of low-voltage electrical products, how consumers choose formal products has become the focus of attention. Although consumers' safety awareness of choosing low-voltage electrical products has been greatly improved, there are still many misunderstandings in actual procurement

myth 1: lack of brand awareness

I believe consumers are all too familiar with the power switch composed of a long rope, a black box and a loud voice. At present, the chief financial officer of Clariant company in China said on Wednesday that such switches are still common in some remote counties, cities and rural areas. It is also because of the products that have been living with us for decades that consumers still choose low-voltage distribution products in the direction of use, regardless of the safety, reliability and durability of the products, let alone the choice of brand products

in recent years, in the domestic low-voltage electrical market, international brands such as Meilan Jalan, Legrand, Qisheng have been driving in; The surging of TCL, Chint, Simon and other local manufacturers in the domestic market and the participation of many small enterprises in small workshops provide consumers with more opportunities to choose low-voltage electrical products. However, consumers often mistakenly think that such a small thing has no technical content, so there is no need to pick things around. Considering the brand, it is OK to use it. Authorities believe that the brand of the product is the key to its long-term invincibility in the market, and the brand also ensures the safe use value of the product. For consumers who do not have professional knowledge, brand is the first choice and the guarantee of quality

from the domestic product quality certification evaluation in recent years, it can be seen that the low-voltage electrical manufacturers represented by Mei Lan, Rilan and Qisheng are famous for their quality and have been recognized by consumers. Among these brands, Meilan GERAN brand, which has a history of nearly 100 years, is one of the three brand pillars of Schneider, a world-famous electrical manufacturer, and is one of the first international brands to enter the Chinese market. The quality of Meilan GERAN products is the best in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances. The processing process of all products is controlled by Schneider Electric's globally unified product quality management and monitoring system, The high reputation ensures the quality of Meilan Rilan products. While ensuring the quality, it shows the personality of the times with humanized design. The high added value of its products directly supports the brand of Meilan Rilan, making it a long-term success in the field of low voltage

Myth 2: weak safety awareness

in the past 2003, it has left us too many painful memories. Whether it was the fire that separated relatives and friends in the Russian Friendship University, or the disaster that killed heroes in the downtown area of Hengyang, Hunan Province. The ferocity of the fire demon has greatly shocked the depths of our souls, and also prompted us to seriously think: what makes the fire rage, take innocent lives for no reason, and the results of hard construction

according to the survey data of the Ministry of public security, the electrical fire caused by short circuit and poor contact of power sockets, switches and circuit breakers in China ranks first among all kinds of fires every year. However, when purchasing relevant low-voltage electrical products, consumers often forget to experience all kinds of disasters for the purpose. While paying attention to the appearance of products, they do not pay enough attention to the safety of products. The result is that consumers cause property losses, and more seriously, they lose their lives by meeting consumers' needs for safe and sustainable products

experts pointed out that life is precious, and product safety is extremely important. Choosing low-voltage electrical products and brands means choosing safety. On October 15, 2003, Meilan Zilan circuit breakers, switches and sockets played an important role in the whole process of the Shenzhou V spacecraft of the century project, ensuring the safe and reliable power supply to the whole system in terms of power consumption. According to Mei Lan Rilan's technical engineer, its wall switch can be opened and closed repeatedly for 40000 times, and both indicators are higher than the standard of 20000 times stipulated by China

from the perspective of the whole domestic low-voltage electrical market, Mei Lan Rilan low-voltage electrical products successfully escorted the Shenzhou V spacecraft into the air, which is evidence of the high quality of the products. As a truly high-quality low-voltage electrical product, it is not enough to ensure safety, but also to give play to the reliability of the product in ensuring power supply and application in various complex environments

myth 3: no TCO awareness

tco (totalcostofownership), also known as total cost of ownership. It refers to the purchase cost, technology cost, maintenance cost and use cost of products. It is a new standard of rational consumption in the current market. Judging from the development trend of products, products should not only have good product quality, but also truly reflect the real value of products from the concept of TCO

when the woods are big, there are all kinds of birds. This sentence can't be used in the domestic low-voltage electrical market at all. Small brands, family workshops and fake and shoddy products emerge in endlessly, enriching the low-voltage electrical market. In this environment, consumers feel at a loss, do not know which brand and product to choose, and do not know whether to trust the manufacturer or the salesperson of the counter; In addition, consumers who are greedy for cheap have become the dirty marketing channels for many fake and shoddy products. One consumer reported that the power switch broke after just buying it for a few days. He bought another brand of switch, and the result was the same. It broke after two days. The reason is that the products bought cheaply are fake or inferior imitations, which leads to repeated investment by consumers in this product for many times, wasting a lot of human and financial resources. Such phenomena are countless in the market

this reminds consumers to buy low-voltage electrical products. They must choose big brands and products with reliable security, reliability and durability. In addition, they should not covet small and cheap products to avoid unnecessary repeated investment. The author visited several building materials and hardware markets in Beijing. According to the sellers, it is wise to choose well-known brands such as Meilan Rilan, Qisheng and TCL in the domestic market. Take Meilan Rilan products as an example. Its circuit breaker products adopt silver contacts and the conductive bridge adopts silver nickel copper composite materials, ensuring that it can be opened and closed more than 80000 times, far exceeding the international standard of 40000 times. As far as wall socket is concerned, the fastening degree and stable insertion force of socket clip are the key factors. The structure of Meilan Rilan socket clip breaks through the traditional design, and adopts the strong extrusion method, which greatly enhances the cooperation between the clip and the plug, and avoids the worry of heating when used for a long time. The material is made of high-quality tin phosphor bronze, which has good conductivity and strong fatigue resistance, and ensures that the plug and unplug times of the socket reach 10000 times (the national standard is 5000 times)

this series of parameters ensures the safety, reliability and durability of the product, and minimizes the TCO of the product. Only when consumers buy products of well-known brands can they use them with confidence, avoiding multiple investments caused by product quality

myth 4: lack of awareness of the integration of safe electricity use

modern social development has entered the era of electrification, and the corresponding circuit supporting construction in the community is improving day by day, which provides great convenience for our life. Several major accidents not long ago have taught people a lesson in safety awareness, but most users often only pay attention to the safety of explicit appliances (such as refrigerators, color TVs, air conditioners, computers), and they do not know that implicit distribution equipment (switch panels, power sockets, circuit breakers, AC contactors, etc.) will also affect the safety of daily electricity use. Take the circuit breaker for example, few consumers will deliberately choose a brand of products, always think that it is OK to use it, and ignore the problem of easy to use and effective. But the fact is that this kind of hidden distribution equipment, which is easy to be ignored by consumers, is an important element affecting the safe use of electricity

in fact, each household in the community is the superposition of multiple systems such as power supply system, water supply system and information system. As a vital system in modern life, power supply system itself should attract enough attention of consumers. Consumers usually pay more attention to the application safety of terminal appliances such as TVs and computers when they pay attention to power safety, but in fact, the power system is a coherent system composed of multiple links, and the lack of attention to any link is likely to cause a bottleneck effect and affect the safe application of the whole system. To take a very simple example, even if consumers choose safe household appliances, the hidden dangers of the whole power system are still very large because the circuit breakers in each distribution box are fake and inferior products. Not only circuit breakers, from terminal appliances to patch panels, to wall switches and sockets, other protective components in each household distribution box, to distribution boxes in each floor and unit to the community, are all part of the household distribution system

as a global electrical giant, Mei Lan and Rilan have long prospectively put forward the concept of safe electricity integration, whose purpose is to tell consumers that the era of individual operation has passed, and the era of collaborative work has arrived. Safety awareness should not be limited and narrow. Consumers should pay attention to the impact of previously neglected distribution equipment on the safety of household electrical system, and try to choose well-known distribution equipment brands to eliminate potential safety hazards

the above four misunderstandings are only common phenomena in the market. Looking at the domestic low-voltage electrical market, although it has developed for decades, the civil market is not mature enough, and many domestic and foreign low-voltage electrical manufacturers need guidance and education. Only when consumers completely change their ideas, walk out of misunderstandings, and carefully choose low-voltage electrical products with brand protection, will our life be more colorful

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