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2019 list of medical device concept stocks medical device policy friendly

medical insurance payment structure optimization, innovative varieties have obvious competitive advantages. In 2017, the growth rate of medical insurance income rebounded, medical insurance cost control achieved initial results, and the medical insurance balance rate increased. The subsequent medical insurance policy was adjusted from overall cost control to structural adjustment, and the competitive advantage of innovative drugs and devices was obvious. A series of changes, such as the negotiation and evaluation mechanism of the medical insurance catalogue and the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the medical insurance catalogue that will be launched in the future, gradually tilt the medical insurance payment to innovative drugs and instruments. At the same time, the personal payment ability of Chinese residents has been greatly improved, and there is a strong demand for high-end medical treatment such as innovative drugs and instruments. Innovative drugs will develop rapidly driven by demand

innovation brings bargaining power and occupies a competitive advantage under the pattern of medical insurance fee control. In the state of medical insurance restructuring, only strong innovation and R & D capabilities can bring new products, which can enjoy strong pricing power and valuation premium. Innovative drugs and devices have obvious competitive advantages. The strong support of national policies and the progress of talent, capital and technology provide a favorable basis for the R & D and marketing of innovative drugs and instruments, and the PID parameters are difficult to adjust to the ideal value

benefiting from the rise of innovative drugs + consistency evaluation, the prosperity of domestic cro industry continues to improve. The R & D investment of pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in China is on the rise year by year, but the proportion of R & D investment in sales revenue has been in a low position. Compared with the R & D investment in the United States, there is still great room for development. In the accelerated promotion of innovative drug research and development and consistency evaluation, the cro industry is one of the most certain beneficiary industries. Leading companies such as Wuxi apptec (84.20 +5.58%, diagnostics) and tiger Pharmaceutical (50.20 +3441.3.27%, diagnostics) will enjoy high-speed growth higher than the industry average

medical devices are policy friendly and pay attention to platform enterprises and segment leaders. China's medical device market is still in the stage of rapid development, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 20%. Considering the low consumption ratio of medical devices and drugs in China, there is huge room for development in the future. Recently, as the drug end is affected by policies such as volume purchase and medical insurance price negotiation, generic drugs are under obvious pressure, while the medical device policy is friendly and has become a haven for investment. BASF has rich experience in using biodegradable compostable bags to collect and compost organic kitchen waste around the world for nearly years. The policy strongly supports the development of domestic medical devices, provides financial support through a number of special plans, and provides a rapid approval channel for innovative medical devices (8.67 + 4.08%, diagnostic stocks), so as to speed up the listing of innovative devices. At the same time, through the mode of selecting excellent domestic medical equipment and centralized procurement, the state gives priority to the procurement of domestic medical devices, promotes the import substitution and terminal volume of domestic devices, and benefits the growth of platform and segment device leaders

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