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Ningbo materials all machine inorganic hybrid anti-corrosion coating has made progress

April 9, 2014

[China paint information] corrosion is the biggest problem faced by metal materials in application. It will not only shorten the service life of materials, bring huge economic losses, but also cause catastrophic accidents, damage the environment, and cause casualties. Therefore, in practical applications, certain protective measures are often used to control the corrosion of metal materials and prolong their service life. Among various anti-corrosion technologies and measures, protective coating is a simple and efficient means. Therefore, the design and preparation of high-efficiency anti-corrosion coatings is one of the important research directions in the field of anti-corrosion

the sol-gel coating based on organosilicon is an organic-inorganic hybrid material, which combines the characteristics of organic and inorganic materials. By changing the organic and inorganic components, the properties of the material can be continuously changed to obtain the required performance. Inorganic components can obtain good scratch resistance, durability and excellent adhesion to metal; Organic components improve the compactness and toughness of materials and can carry different functional groups. The wuxuedong research team of Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences has obtained a series of anti-corrosion coatings with excellent performance through the regulation of precursors, catalysts and additives. For example, through the introduction of thiourea and other corrosion inhibitors, a series of epoxy sol-gel coatings with high adhesion and excellent protection performance on the copper surface were obtained (surf coat technol. 2012; 213:; appl surf SCI 2013; 276:); Sol gel coating suitable for carbon steel and magnesium alloy was obtained by using new catalyst (j s this experimental machine adopts high-speed test platform ol gel SCI T. how to judge the quality of an electronic tensile testing machine technol 2013; 66 (1):). And applied for three related patents (.4;.9;.0). Recently, the researchers of this team combined sol-gel technology and Mercapto alkenyl click chemistry to design and prepare coating materials with two chemical bond bonding modes (si-o-metal bond and c-s-metal bond) with the metal surface and two internal cross-linking modes (Si-O-Si and c-s-c), which further improved the protective effect of sol-gel coating. The relevant research results were published in RSC adv., 2014, 4 (30), and the production capacity will reach an annual output of 300000 tons of titanium chloride slag 5781

the above research has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation (;), The national key foundation for natural sciences click on the "run" button on the main interface of the control software (gold) and the national major basic research program (2014cb643302)

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