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Run out of the vitality of science and technology! On November 15, the 2020 Chongqing International Marathon officially started. The 53 member "evolutionist" running team of Chang'an new energy set out strongly, and cs55 pure electric version also served as the new energy power guarantee vehicle for this event. As a leading brand in China's new energy industry and a well-known local enterprise in Chongqing, Chang'an new energy team started with entrepreneurial passion and became the most dazzling scenery on the field

the running group named after the "evolutor" is not only the best summary of Chang'an new energy on its own history, but also the greatest expectation for the future development pace. Looking back on the development of Chang'an new energy, there is a team to do a good job in the production of each model of technology. It has been constantly evolving and self subverting, adhering to the positioning of a high-quality new energy vehicle provider, and finally growing into an industry giant. This group challenge marathon shows the enterprising spirit of the enterprise, which is more worthy of looking forward to in the future

behind the evolutors is the embodiment of brand strength.

Chang'an Automobile started its research and development of new energy vehicles very early. In 2001, it was involved in the research and development of new energy vehicles from the perspective of forward-looking technology research and development, and made a forward-looking layout of hydrogen fuel power, electric power and hybrid power. In 2018, Chang'an New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established. In 2019, the hybrid reform was completed, and the enterprise development entered the fast lane

relying on Chang'an Automobile's deep technical accumulation and perfect manufacturing process, Chang'an new energy adheres to the positioning of "high-quality new energy vehicle provider with a maximum moving distance of up to 40 cm", has built a perfect research and development system, and independently masters the vehicle platform and new energy thermal management system, which are the most common key development technologies and corresponding capabilities such as instrument and chassis electronic control in the laboratories of plastic mixing manufacturers. At present, Chang'an new energy has more than 1000 professional technical teams, and the annual R & D investment exceeds 10% of the sales revenue. This index is equivalent to many technology-based enterprises such as ZTE and Tencent, which shows that Chang'an new energy attaches importance to scientific and technological innovation, which is also the reason why it can evolve itself and lead the industry

the new energy electric guarantee vehicles are mostly used to meet the diversified vehicle scenarios

since 2020, the "e" family products of the new e-generation electric vehicles have been listed one after another. The Chang'an new energy product matrix covers the mainstream markets such as cars and SUVs, bringing consumers a new driving experience. The Chongqing marathon electric vehicle cs55 pure electric version is known as the terminator of mileage anxiety, and has repeatedly won the championship in top events such as the Qinghai Lake Electric Vehicle challenge and China new energy vehicle competition. At the event site, a large number of audio and display equipment at the main stage, Bank of Chongqing, global connect, Chang'an Auchan and other booths need power supply. The four cs55 pure electric versions are powered from 6 a.m. to noon without interruption, so as to stably tolerate our failed voltage and lasting power, ensure the operation of various high-precision equipment, and successfully complete the service tasks of the event

facing the unprecedented changes in the automotive industry in a century, Chang'an new energy not only lays out the current layout, but also focuses on the future, gradually drawing a blueprint for consumers to travel in the future. In the face of different demands for new energy vehicles, Chang'an new energy implements a variety of routes including pure electricity, plug-in electricity, hydrogen energy and power exchange, and constantly provides products with mature and reliable technology and high market acceptance. As for the layout of travel field, on the one hand, it has created Chang'an travel, T3 and other operation platforms, and at the same time, it has arranged the future charging ecology with national electric vehicles and special calls, so that users can get a more convenient, efficient and ultimate intelligent travel experience

the most important significance of participating in the marathon is to challenge and surpass ourselves. Chang'an new energy participated in the Chongqing marathon as an "evolutor", showing enterprise innovation and vitality. Under the guidance of the "third innovation and entrepreneurship plan", Chang'an new energy will adhere to its original intention, constantly create new milestones in the run, and constantly bring a better travel experience to consumers

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