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Ningbo Yongxin optics put eyes on "Chang'e"

in 2010, when the "Chang'e-2" satellite looked back, people remembered the "charming" of the earth. This is the first time that China's lunar exploration satellite has brought "eyes" into space. In 2013, the moon setting dance of "Chang'e 3" was even more amazing. Behind the bright eyes of the "Chang'e girls", it is actually the result of the hard work of Ningbo Yongxin Optical Co., Ltd

perhaps no one can think that behind the beautiful freeze frame of this moment is the ingenuity of an enterprise for 20 years. The way of ingenuity, which seems to have no place, actually has traces to follow. In the book "craftsman spirit" written by Akiyama Lihui, the founder of Akiyama carpentry in Japan, it has been said that to become a first-class craftsman, we should "guard, break and leave": following some controversial policies, master cultivation is called "guard", adding his own ideas to the inheritance is called "break", and creating a new realm that self instruments should be placed in a place without sunlight or other stray light direct projection screen is called "leave". It is this "ingenuity" that makes Yongxin the leading enterprise of optical microscope in China

compared with "Chang'e-1", Chang'e-2 does not allow people to run to the moon in the dark without affecting the function of the material, but has four "eyes"

these four "eyes" are composed of three surveillance cameras and a landing camera. Their division of labor is clear. Among them, three surveillance cameras clearly image the satellite engine, the solar wing and the directional antenna respectively. Another landing camera is responsible for the early technical verification of the subsequent "chang'e-3" lunar soft landing

in the space 100000 kilometers away from the earth, what will the earth look like? At 3:59 on October 2, 2010, when Chang'e's "two girls" looked back, we saw that the dark blue earth was "half covered by the pipa". Although it was half covered by the sun wing, South America, North America, Oceania and Antarctica were as clearly visible as inlaid on the "Sapphire"

at 10:50 on October 9, when the "two girls" brake for the third time near the moon, the lens accurately captured the angle conversion of the satellite when adjusting its attitude, "this is equivalent to the satellite" playing a steering wheel "in space", as described by Mao Lei, general manager of Yongxin optics

in addition, the landing camera of Chang'e's "three girls" recorded a thrilling picture when it landed on the surface of the "Guanghan Palace"

"unlike ordinary camera lenses, the camera lens on the satellite should be lighter and bear the acceleration of the rocket when taking off and the special environment in space." Mao Lei said that the four lenses of "Chang'e-2" and a landing lens of "chang'e-3" were developed by them in conjunction with Zhejiang University in five years

"when we first received the mission, we didn't know it was for Chang'e-2. We didn't know it until the satellite really went into space." Mao Lei said that no matter who makes optical lenses for, Yongxin will always adhere to a consistent professional attitude and always take product quality and reliability as the core of research and development to ensure high-quality manufacturing and reliable use

the cosmic radiation and the extremely cold and hot vacuum environment on the lunar surface are the tests that "Chang'e girls" must face. In order to ensure high-quality imaging, Yongxin's development team has conducted countless inferences and tests on each process, from lens design to material selection

if one of the links goes wrong, it will lead to the "strike" of the whole lens. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, advanced technology should be applied to make the satellite optical lens have the functions of radiation protection, shock protection, resistance to severe temperature changes, dust prevention and so on

"the technical difficulty of each process is very great. We must endure loneliness and stabilize our mind. Otherwise, how can we achieve the best of a product? In five years, we have made more than 100 lenses and recorded the detailed data of each part and process, so we have accumulated tens of thousands of sets of information and data." Mao Lei said that this is "guarding", which means persistence

"there is no" breaking "," keeping "has become a rut." Mao Lei said that today's Yongxin can manufacture optical lenses for Chinese satellites thanks to breakthroughs and innovations more than a decade ago. For many years, Yongxin has been deeply involved in the field of precision instrument manufacturing, which has also established Yongxin's leading position in the domestic optical instrument industry. Yongxin has its own brands such as "novel" and "Jiangnan". It is a national high-tech enterprise and a national standard setter of optical microscope. The annual output of various optical microscopes is more than 100000 sets, and tens of millions of optical components. The products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany and Russia, and are the core optical component suppliers of world-renowned enterprises such as Leica, Zeiss, zebra, etc

"separation" refers to vertical disruptive innovation and progress on the basis of "breaking through" horizontal innovation. " Mao Lei said

Jinan assay mechanical property testing machine "the traditional optical instrument powers in the world are Japan, Germany and the United States. The microscope is an ancient optical instrument that can reflect the spirit of craftsman, so its standard is very mature. We have participated in the international microscope standard conference since 1997." Mao Lei said that Yongxin is the only Chinese enterprise in China that has participated in the conference every year for 20 years

for many years, Yongxin has been the main drafting and formulation unit of China's national microscope standards. At present, it has prepared and revised 78 national standards and presided over one Zhejiang manufacturing group standard. "Human exploration of the micro world has never stopped," Mao Lei said with confidence. Yongxin will always use sincere ingenuity and services to deeply cultivate the precision instrument market, and use advanced technology and products to provide assistance for China's scientific research and development

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