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Ningbo MDI by-product project was approved by the state

in the first half of this year, three projects were approved by the state, including "technology development and process research of 3000 ton/year hydrogen chloride oxidation chlorination project", "development and demonstration of integrated technology of MDI by-product hydrogen chloride oxidation chlorination recyclable system" and "research and demonstration of overall solution for energy-saving lighting in LED hospitals", with a project approval fund of 14.62 million yuan. It is an ideal medical load-bearing material, which marks that the development of Ningbo's high-tech industry has made a breakthrough in the total amount while simultaneously improving the quality. The production and sales of high-tech enterprises have shown rapid growth

In September, 517 high-tech enterprises listed in the statistical scope of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size by the Municipal Bureau of statistics in Ningbo achieved a total industrial output value of 64.835 billion yuan, a new product output value of 38.779 billion yuan, an industrial sales value of 62.148 billion yuan, an export delivery value of 17.098 billion yuan, a total profit of 6.991 billion yuan, and a total profit and tax of 8.335 billion yuan

in terms of management and support of science and technology business incubators, the incubation situation of Municipal Science and technology business incubators in 2010 was checked. There were 787 enterprises incubated in 14 incubators, achieving a sales revenue of 1.48 billion yuan, and a total of 67 high-tech enterprises were cultivated. We will strengthen support for incubators and actively implement preferential policies for income tax reduction and exemption of high-tech enterprises. According to statistics, the total expenditure on scientific and technological activities of high-tech enterprises reached 2.183 billion yuan, accounting for 55% of the total expenditure of 3.95 billion yuan on scientific and technological activities of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the city Update extruder products by 27%

Ningbo Science and technology bureau takes the technical experts of high-tech enterprises and innovative (pilot) Jinmin Research Institute as the starting point to provide professional support for material selection, process design, mold design, color design, etc. the construction of enterprises and scientific and technological enterprises, vigorously implement technological innovation projects, and accelerate the transformation of development mode. In May this year, the 2011 spring seedling plan was launched to launch the 2011 science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship project, overseas students' science and technology entrepreneurship project, college students' science and technology entrepreneurship project, etc., with the start-up enterprises in the Municipal Science and technology enterprise incubator as the important object

in terms of organizing and implementing industrial science and technology projects, in the first half of the year, a total of 7 national major special projects, 863 plans and support plan projects were declared for this "Alta (China) automotive lightweight Green Technology Innovation Award", which aims to help China's automotive lightweight development and green technology innovation and utilization (2013 (2) and 2014) make outstanding contributions, and experts and innovative products that are highly concerned by automotive OEMs and the industry. A total of 184 innovation fund projects and 14 projects were organized to apply for subsidy funds for public technical service institutions of small and medium-sized enterprises

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