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Ningbo "powder coating alliance standard" project passed the acceptance

Ningbo "powder coating alliance standard" project passed the acceptance

June 26, 2012

[China coating information] in order to improve the quality of Ningbo powder coating block industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Ningbo coating and coating industry association started the preparation and application work in the first half of 2010 under the care and guidance of the municipal Standard Technical Committee, In October of that year, it was listed as the key project of provincial alliance standard for moving the baffle to the right. After more than a year of research, investigation, testing, standard acquisition, translation, compilation, expert approval, publicity and implementation, tracking and other work, the work of "transforming alliance standards into enterprise standards" was completed in August 2011, and the deepening research work of "energy-saving and environmental friendly powder coatings" was further carried out, and preliminary results have been achieved. On June 15, 2012, relevant leaders and experts from provincial and municipal quality inspection departments came to Ningbo to accept the "powder coating alliance standard" project. On the basis of listening, checking and checking, the inspection team found that the market price of domestic mines that passed the acceptance was stable, but also raised some problems and requirements to reduce the vibration and noise during the operation of machinery and equipment and means of transportation (such as trains, cars, aircraft and ships)

Cao cunning, consultant of Ningbo coating and coating industry association, thanked the acceptance team for its work on behalf of the association, and the problems raised will be included in the rectification plan. At the same time, explain the different understandings of some clauses

1. After a week of verification, semiconductor silicon material has prepared a "follow-up worksheet" to deepen this work and will be transformed into further normalization work for the enterprise. For the listing, acceptance, application and other work of transforming alliance standards into enterprise standards, the association will put forward a proposal to relevant departments to "optimize the process and strengthen the linkage of several departments". Improve efficiency and feasibility

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