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Ningbo Institute of materials went to Shaoxing to investigate the "national high tech industrialization base of new textile materials"

on August 16, Ningbo Institute of materials organized researchers related to textiles, textile machinery and textile sewage treatment to investigate the "national high tech industrialization base of new textile materials" in Shaoxing. Shaoxing science and Technology Bureau organized Shaoxing County and Vietnam. What we need to do is to first check whether the installation of the experimental machine is horizontal. More than 20 enterprises in the urban area and Paojiang new area participated in the survey. Wang Fagen, Secretary of the leading Party group of Shaoxing science and Technology Bureau, delivered a welcome speech. He said that Shaoxing and Ningbo are geographically similar and economically similar. He hoped that the Institute of materials would organize scientific researchers to Shaoxing every year to help Shaoxing improve its scientific and technological level and deepen the scientific and technological development of enterprises

Xie Kaifeng, deputy director of the transfer office, introduced the overall situation of the Institute to the entrepreneurs. Cheng Yajun, associate researcher of the polymer business department, and Li Juan, associate researcher, introduced their respective scientific research technologies and fields to the enterprises through close cooperation with the industry partners who initiated and promoted the reform. Ke Rui, associate researcher of the advanced manufacturing Institute, Wang Zhijian, associate researcher, and Huang Aisheng, researcher of the New Energy Institute

at the meeting, textile related enterprises in Shaoxing actively communicated with scientific researchers, and preliminarily reached cooperation intentions and further exchange agreements

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