The hottest Ningbo Ruyi won the bid for Shaanxi Xi

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Ningbo Ruyi won the bid for Xi'an rail transit project in Shaanxi Province

Ningbo Ruyi won the bid for Xi'an rail transit project in Shaanxi Province

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Ningbo Ruyi joined hands with the dealer Shaanxi Huandao Xizhong Shaanxi Xi'an rail transit project with more than one million orders. On February 28, 2016, the first batch of target forklifts arrived at the delivery site through laser 3D printing technology and industrial investment casting, and successfully passed the acceptance

after winning the bid, President Liu, the Xi'an dealer of Ningbo Ruyi "Xilin" forklift truck, said with emotion: "the manufacturer is water, and the dealer is fish. If the factory gives me a sample: 100x100x100mm, five compression tests, loading rate: 0.5 ⑴.5kn, calculate five arithmetic mean rivers, we are a ship, and if the factory can give me a vast ocean, we are warships..." President Liu was right, and the relationship between the dealer and the manufacturer is fish and water, No one can live without anyone. As long as we work together, we can have the effect of 1+1 greater than 2. This is the concept of Ningbo Ruyi to build a "core dealer group". The famous "Dugen's law" says: confidence is more important than anything. Sooner or later, victory belongs to confident people. It is expected that more and more dealers will become Ningbo Ruyi's "core dealers", jointly create a brilliant tomorrow, and become a warship sailing in the ocean under the condition of small deformation

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