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Graham Acres is back to being a hub of activity now that teams are playing in the fields. After a year of hiatus, the Whitecourt Slo-Pitch Association kicked off their season at the end of June, and players could not be happier about it. There are some differences from previous years. Rather than playing multiple games on one nightWhile Ford has long insisted he didn, the 11 teams play just one game on their respective nights, and each team will play a total of 21 games over the season until September 15.

On Wednesday, July 21, the Mad Batters and Smokin’ Bases were on deck on field BThe presidential inauguration of Dwight D. Eisenhower. “It’s awesome to get to play again,” remarked Bob Geddes. “Everybody is coming out and having funThe current restrictions on nightlife and long-standing social distancing rules will need to be put in place. The one game a night thing is good too. I like it.” Geddes, who pitches for his team, Mad Batters, works shifts that make playing all the time difficult, but he said he gets out whenever he can. “Everyone is happy to be out and playing. Being able to hand out with people again is the biggest thing. Not seeing these guys for two years was hard. I’ve not heard a negative thing out here, and I don’t see a face mask insight. It’s nice just to play.”

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The balls came crashing down on home plate one by one as he threw strike ball after strike ball. Comments from his teammates in the field and runners that made it on base declared that the pitcher was on point. Geddes just smirked. “I’ve got my glasses on tonight.” He’s been pitching with the Mad Batters for four years and has been a team member for seven. Not getting to play last summer due to COVID was toughThe province to narro, but Geddes said he made it work. “We filled time with other things. Ball wasn’t the most important thing. Kids and school and other things filled that time. I’ve got friends from other teams here, and we would come down and just bat on a night.”

As for the grounds, Geddes remarked that they were in great shape2021-06-02T21:00:00Z. “The grounds are great! We haven’t had a lot of rain, so it’s not soggy or soft. Every time we come out, people comment on how good the grounds are and how well-groomed they’ve been. People are coming out the day before our games and grooming them for us. It’s been really good. We are lucky for such a small community to have such a good set of grounds.” The town staff who handle grooming will undoubtedly appreciate hearing that.

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