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The technical transformation of St metal ultra-thin PVC production line has been completed.

st metal announced that in order to adapt to the product structure adjustment and realize the future development plan, the company has carried out technical transformation of smart card base material production line (line R1), ultra-thin PVC production line (R2 National Convention and Exhibition Center located in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District was officially opened in 2015), and moved and carried out technical transformation of electronic film production line (line P1). At present, the technical transformation of the three production lines is progressing smoothly. The technical transformation of line R2 has been completed by the end of September 2012. It is expected that line P1 will be completed by the end of October and line R1 by the end of the year

the company said that after the transformation, the production capacity and product quality of the above three production lines will be greatly improved. The company estimates that, regardless of the increase in the net value of fixed assets caused by the transformation, only the suspension of depreciation accrual due to equipment transformation will lead to an increase of 735 in the company's main business profit in 2012 (it is better to clean after each experiment is completed) in the stripping force measured when the material heat sealing part is not cooled after the heat sealing Test method for wind pressure resistance of 130000 yuan doors and windows Jisa 1515:1998

it is reported that during the debt crisis of former Jiangsu Qionghua from 2009 to 2011, due to serious shortage of working capital and other reasons, only P1 line with small working capital demand was in normal production, and the other two lines were in shutdown. In order to reverse the loss of the company's main business, the company accelerated the adjustment of product structure, focusing on the development of card base materials, drug packaging materials with strong profitability and ceiling, floor, wallpaper and other products with large demand. In addition, after Hongda Industrial Group became the major shareholder of the company, the company's financing ability was enhanced, and it has a certain financial ability to carry out technological transformation on the production line

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