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Doors and windows are not only home decorations, but also the guarantee of quality of life. Choose today's doors and windows to bring a quiet and comfortable living environment for your family, away from noise, and bring today's tranquility

many owners found that the children crying upstairs, the quarreling next door, the square dancing downstairs...

all kinds of noise around them can definitely drive people crazy

noise source

first of all, we should make clear that noise is mainly transmitted into the house through doors and windows, especially the windows, which are facing the road. During the day and night, there are a lot of traffic. Not only that, but also it's impossible to say that someone in the community danced in the square one night In the long run, noise will cause great harm to health

noise hazard

damage to vision and hearing: noise will seriously affect visual and auditory organs. Because ears and eyes are closely related, when noise affects hearing organs, it will also affect vision and weaken people's vision. The most terrible thing is that it will even make people lose hearing

affect sleep: noise is very harmful to sleep, because when the sudden noise reaches 60 dB, most people will wake up. Lack of sleep causes tiredness in the morning, inattention, memory loss and so on

affect the body system: relevant surveys show that every decibel of regional noise increases, the incidence rate of hypertension increases by 3%. Not only that, noise will also affect people's nervous system, making people feel irritable and easy to get angry. In serious cases, it will also cause neurasthenia syndrome

since we can't change the external environment

we can only improve the sound insulation effect of our house

it's very important to choose a good sound insulation door and window


if you want sound insulation, choose today's doors and windows

simple European design, with smooth lines, has a number of national appearance patents, and meets the aesthetic requirements of modern fashion decoration. It can be easily controlled with simple Nordic style, modern Chinese style, or American pastoral style

at the same time, the use of high-quality sealant strips

bridge breaking design structure and hollow tempered glass

can effectively isolate outdoor noise

give you a peaceful and quiet indoor space

use the 3C certified Xinyi tempered glass, and inject inert gas into the hollow design, which can maintain the dryness of the glass hollow, and have a good effect of sound insulation, moisture-proof, fog free and water vapor free

AAG sub aluminum, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly, is used as the profile, and the wall thickness of the profile far exceeds the national standard. Corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, bridge broken design, PA66 heat insulation strips imported from Germany, effectively reduce the heat conduction of doors and windows, while sound insulation, but also heat insulation and energy saving, saving energy consumption for home

doors and windows are not only home decorations

but also the guarantee of the quality of life

choose today's doors and windows

bring a quiet and comfortable living environment for families

keep away from noise and bring today's tranquility

(source: Guangdong today's doors and windows)





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