Shaba gangs spend thousands of yuan a day to hire

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"Shaba" gangs spend thousands of yuan every day to hire thugs to monopolize the decoration of the community.

Beijing Times News (reporter Zhou Xin) yesterday, the reporter learned that the Beijing police had destroyed a criminal gang that had occupied the decoration business of the community for a long time in Changping District. The gang hired thugs to monopolize the decoration market of the community and beat the employees of other decoration companies. At present, all 12 suspects in the criminal gang have been arrested, 11 people have been criminally detained by the police on suspicion of provocation, and one person has been released on bail pending trial

in early January this year, a blog post with Sha Ba beside a community in Changping circulated on the Internet. Beijing police said that before the appearance of Bowen, the police of Nanshao police station of Changping branch had found that some men in security clothes were patrolling around a newly delivered community under the jurisdiction. Once they found someone who wanted to enter the community to distribute decoration advertisements and undertake business, they would drive them away. At first, the police thought it was the unified management of the community property, and later found that these people were not community security guards. After the police reported this situation, the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the local branch set up a special task force to investigate

after investigation, the police found that the criminal gang headed by a 37 year old Shandong man, Liu, placed a number of simple container houses outside a community in Changping, rented them to decorators, and hired many people to use language threats or even beatings to drive away other decoration companies entering the community, so as to achieve the purpose of contracting the decoration in the community and selling sand, cement and other decoration materials

At about 23:00 on January 19, the task force arrested Liu in Dongxiaokou Town, Changping District, and arrested 11 other suspects in the early morning of the next day. After interrogation, Mr. Liu confessed that he came to Beijing to work in 1999 and successively did decoration and building materials business in Fengtai, Fangshan, Changping and other districts of the city. In December, 2014, he saw on the Internet that the second phase of a community in Changping was about to be delivered, so he built six activity rooms outside the community, specializing in sand, cement and other decoration building materials

in order to monopolize the source of tourists, Liu and others hired 9 people from the society to take care of the site at the price of 200 yuan/person per day, and did not allow other businesses to load and unload, stack sand, cement or transport building materials into the community. Businesses operating other decoration materials must first rent the activity room built by Mr. Liu as a business place if they want to enter the community to work. During this period, Liu and others also drove away other decoration companies who wanted to enter the community for many times and beat the employees of other decoration companies

at present, 11 people including Mr. Liu are under criminal detention according to law on suspicion of provocation, and one person is on bail pending trial. The case is under further trial





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