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After entering the Chinese market, Saab has attracted many dealers to join the Saab team system with its unique charm, and is committed to providing Chinese consumers with better life choices

after entering the Chinese market, Saab has attracted many dealers to join the Saab team system with its unique charm and is committed to providing Chinese consumers with better life choices. Standardized store management, strong operation and after-sales support have set up a platform for dealers to develop from a high starting point and provide a solid backing for rapid development. Saab is promoting the plan of 1000 stores in China. At present, Saab stores are expanding rapidly

based on the recognition of Saab products, many real estate developers choose Saab as their high-end hardbound cabinet products. At present, Saab has signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of domestic real estate developers to jointly promote the development of hardbound real estate in China. In addition to its normal operations, Saab China continues to fulfill its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Saab China is fully committed to ensuring the environmental protection of production, providing broad development space for employees, participating in tree planting, donating money for charity activities, and providing services for social welfare activities. Saab firmly believes that social progress is the cornerstone of the success of Saab brand. Saab is duty bound to fulfill its social responsibilities and promote social progress

how to make a good cabinet: seven advantages escort

1 Material selection of solid wood cabinets

Saab's solid wood cabinets are very strict in material selection. The materials used for solid wood cabinet wood are mostly oak, walnut and cherry wood, which are imported from abroad and even collected globally to ensure sufficient supply. These wood must be air dried for at least two years, so that all kinds of cells in the wood can die completely, so that the moisture content of the wood is controlled to the minimum. This is particularly important for cabinets with solid wood throughout, because this kind of cabinet has worrying cracking and deformation problems. The reason for the deformation is largely because the air drying time of wood in the early stage is too short, and the moisture content is not strictly controlled. Therefore, only by controlling the moisture content of raw materials to the minimum, can we ensure the real high-end quality of solid wood cabinets. The selected wood fully meets the requirements of European environmental protection, and its formaldehyde content is zero

2. Processing technology of solid wood cabinets

solid wood cabinets quote original imported equipment in processing. The first-class equipment and technology ensure the quality of solid wood cabinets, and some processes adopt manual cutting, manual carving and grinding. There are many patterns and lines on the cabinet, which are manually carved by senior masters, filled with the classical style unique to the noble life in the middle ages of Europe, and some even have large totem sculptures independent of the cabinet. These solid wood carvings completed by hand are also an important part of the solid wood cabinet, which is a symbol of power

3. Design of solid wood cabinet

designing a good solid wood cabinet stems from the excellent designer's thorough understanding of European design culture, which is largely reflected in the design details and the integration of details and cabinets. Excellent kitchen design can show artistic and cultural values, while setting off the identity and social value of the owner, which is beyond the reach of ordinary brand designers

each family member has different height, personality characteristics and preferences. Excellent designers can design the most suitable cabinets for your family according to the characteristics of your family members. Realize the overall coordination of each process of kitchen work, and create a good family atmosphere and strong atmosphere of life

4. International top hardware accessories

hardware is a very key component of the cabinet. Although it is small, it is like the joints of human bones, which affects the practical life and flexibility of the cabinet. For example, the hinge with poor quality is easy to cause the door panel to deform, causing inconvenient opening and closing of the cabinet; Another example is the quality of cabinet connectors, which affects the stability of cabinets. Generally, imported hardware accessories are used in high-end cabinets, and the price is more than 10 times that of domestic hardware

5. The overall function of excellence

solid wood cabinets also strive for perfection in the overall functional configuration, which embodies the humanized design concept everywhere. There are all kinds of cabinet accessories such as hidden rice buckets and garbage cans that can be used to classify and store garbage. The modern range hood is hidden in the exquisite antique range hood. At the same time, modern lighting technology is perfectly integrated into the overall design of solid wood cabinets, so that the classical charm is perfectly combined with modern light art. The setting of the central island shows the great charm of the open overall kitchen, and also sets off the luxury and atmosphere of solid wood cabinets. In short, the solid wood cabinet is not only like a masterpiece of art, but also can be carefully arranged according to your life needs, striving to effectively use the kitchen area and improve the rationality of the operation process, so as to make the kitchen life more convenient, comfortable and beautiful

6. The risk of merchants

solid wood cabinets emphasize a unified whole. The overall customized cabinets are customized according to the owner's housing area and needs. Once there are errors, we have to bear the losses ourselves

7. Good service

when users buy goods, they all hope to get high-quality services. The sense of belonging and the satisfaction of being respected will satisfy many people. Of course, such services are also valuable, not as simple as a few hundred yuan. For brand cabinets, what you enjoy is meticulous and comprehensive door-to-door measurement before sale, door-to-door installation during sale, regular return visits after sale and uninterrupted humanistic care in the cabinet business. In particular, good after-sales service can relieve the worries of consumers




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