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Technical regulations for self leveling ground engineering will be implemented soon

technical regulations for self leveling ground engineering will pay a "package waste management assistance fund" to be implemented soon

June 22, 2009

[China paint information] according to the announcement on Issuing industrial standard technical regulations for self leveling ground engineering (impact sample No. 312) issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China on May 19, 2009, The technical specification for PCU more degradable leveling ground engineering has been approved as an industry standard, numbered jgj/t, and has been implemented since December 1st, 2009. In order to better implement the procedures, relevant departments will organize the main compilers to publicize the procedures. Content of the publicity meeting: the background and significance of the preparation of the industry standard of the technical specification for the pilot landing of the full moon surface on the artesian plain; Interpretation of the provisions of the industrial standards in the technical specification for self leveling ground engineering, including cement-based self leveling, gypsum based self leveling, epoxy self leveling, polyurethane self leveling, and cement-based self leveling mortar - material performance requirements for epoxy resin or polyurethane thin coated ground, ground structure design, base course inspection and treatment, construction process, inspection and acceptance, etc; Q & a discussion. Time of Suzhou publicity and implementation meeting: June 29th, 2009; Address: front desk of Suzhou Great Wall Building (No. 233, Guangji Road, Suzhou). Time of Guangzhou publicity and implementation meeting: July 16th, 2009; Address: Guangzhou Nippon coating Co., Ltd. (No. 1, Fenghua 2nd Road, south of Juncheng Road, East District, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone); Nippon contact: zhangyongshun (). Time of Beijing publicity and implementation meeting: July 25th, 2009; Address: the lecture hall of the main building of China Academy of Building Materials Science (No. 1 Guanzhuang Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing); Contact: Zhang Yu (), Wang Jingna (). Shanghai time: November 19th, 2009; Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai); Contact: Zhang Yu (), Wang Jingna (). General contacts: wangjingna, Zhang Yu; Contact:; Email: xysun@

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