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Technical standard for cigarette packaging (2)

small package trademark paper must be printed with trademark, manufacturer name, number of cigarettes in the package, etc After the packaging of small cigarette boxes is completed, the following requirements must be met:

a the secret is that the deposition method of each layer is changed by adopting 5-axis additive manufacturing. The trademark paper of the package must be printed with the trademark, factory name, number of cigarettes in the package, cigarette type and tar content grade, and the words "smoking is harmful to health"

b cigarette brand and specification must be consistent with the packaging, and wrong packaging is not allowed

c the moisture content of cigarettes in the packet shall be: 11.5% ± (0.5% - 1%) in wet period; Drying period 12% ± (0.5% - 1%)

d 20 rolls in the small bag 5. The load of the rubber tensile testing machine is the same as that of the cigarette to be checked: the three-layer arrangement must be such that its performance in all aspects is greatly improved compared with the foaming at room temperature. There shall be no multiple cigarettes, missing cigarettes, broken cigarettes, incomplete cigarettes and wrong cigarettes in the bag, and there shall be no loose cigarettes, turn around cigarettes, dirty cigarettes, oil stains and blurred brand seals

e cigarettes in small packages shall not be loaded upside down. Packet filter tip the filter tip of each cigarette shall be upward (that is, the filter tip is close to the end of the packet where the sealing label is pasted)

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