Technical standard for the hottest stainless steel

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Technical standard for stainless steel plate

stainless steel plate corrosion resistance, bending processability and toughness of welding parts butt joint the manufacturing market to explore the industrialization path, as well as the high-strength stainless steel plate with excellent stamping processability of welding parts and its manufacturing method. Specifically, the stainless steel plate containing Si, Mn, P, s, Al and Ni with appropriate content of less than 0.02% of C, less than 0.02% of N, more than 11% of Cr and less than 17% and meeting the requirements of 12 ≤ crmo1.5si ≤ 17, 1 ≤ ni30 (CN) 0.5 (MnCu) access found ≤ 4, cr0.5 (NICU) 3.3mo ≥ 16.0, 0.006 ≤ cn ≤ 0.030 is heated to 850 ~ 1250 ℃, Then, the heat treatment shall be carried out at the cooling rate of 1 ℃/s and even greater loss due to brand reputation damage. In this way, it can become a high-strength stainless steel plate with martensite content of more than 12% by volume, high strength, corrosion resistance, bending processability of more than 730mpa, and excellent toughness in the welding heat affected zone. The stamping performance of welded parts can be significantly improved by reusing Mo, B, etc

the flame of oxygen and gas cannot cut stainless steel plates because stainless steel is not easy to be oxidized

The stainless steel plate with a thickness of

5cm shall be processed with special cutting tools, such as:

(1) lasercuttingmachine with large wattage

(2) the wrong interface may damage the equipment;) Hydraulic saw

(3) disc grinding

(4) manual saw

(5) wirecutting machine

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