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Technological transformation of printing and packaging enterprises (Part 1)

in the technological transformation of printing enterprises, due to different understanding, different enterprise systems and different environments, some enterprises focus on equipment transformation and ignore talent training; The phenomenon of attaching importance to hardware investment and neglecting software management makes the technical transformation into a misunderstanding. This paper will discuss several problems that should be paid attention to in the technical transformation of printing enterprises from the aspects of the contents, principles and management methods of the technical transformation

content of technological transformation

the technological transformation of printing enterprises should focus on how to shorten the printing cycle, improve economic benefits, improve product quality, improve technical quality, and adjust product structure

1. transform the old equipment. This is the main content of technological transformation, which includes two meanings: first, using advanced science and technology to improve the performance, efficiency and other technical characteristics of the original equipment, including local technology updating and adding new technical structure, so that the existing equipment can reach the modern level partially or completely, and give full play to the role of the existing equipment; The second is to update the old equipment and replace the outdated old equipment with advanced new equipment

2. research new materials. This is an indispensable part of technological transformation. The material is an important aspect of the quality of the flat and straight printed samples. Dull ink can not print bright pictures, rough paper can not print beautiful words and strong points, and insufficient tension of binding hot melt adhesive can hardly guarantee the binding quality of certificate serial number. These are materials that can not be ignored. The supply of printing materials is mainly in the charge of relevant units, and the scientific and technological personnel in the printing industry have also paid hard work for the development of new materials. For example, the cover material (Hardcover) used for book binding is an example. The PVC binding material developed by the scientific researchers in the printing industry has gradually replaced the traditional lacquer cloth material with its low price, diverse colors and elegant appearance, making the hardcover books look new. Due to the research and application of new materials, the printing business can also be expanded accordingly, playing the role of adjusting the single product structure

3. adopt new technology. Printing process directly affects the quality of printing products. With the rapid development of the printing industry, advanced equipment is bound to bring new technology and new process. Without jumping out of the old box of traditional process, technology cannot be developed and printing efficiency will not be improved. From the process of historical development, the evolution of printing and reproduction workflow can be simply divided into three development periods: analog mode, analog + digital mode and digital mode. The printing reproduction process based on photographic color separation and text Phototypesetting is a typical analog production mode after connecting with the computer. The printing reproduction process based on global networking digital printing is a typical digital production mode. The continuous improvement of this production process requires enterprises to constantly learn, master and apply

4. cultivate new talents. The competition in the 21st century is the competition of product quality, but in the final analysis, it is the competition of talents. As far as the domestic printing equipment is concerned, the equipment in Shenzhen is comparable to that in some provinces and cities in the mainland, and the printing materials are almost the same. However, the gap in printing quality is obvious, so that many award-winning books of mainland publishing houses are printed in Shenzhen. This fully shows the position of equipment operators in ensuring printing quality. The cultivation of talents should be periodically lower than its glass transition temperature. As an enterprise, it should have a forward-looking vision and formulate a long-term training plan for talents, so as to make the enterprise have stamina for development

principles to be followed in technical transformation

the technical transformation of printing enterprises should be based on the reality and the particularity of the industry, with the purpose of shortening the printing cycle, improving product quality and improving the economic benefits of the enterprise, and adopt appropriate advanced technologies to change the technical face of the enterprise. Efforts should be made to correctly combine the technical rationality, economic efficiency, effectiveness after the last drop hammer falls, operational applicability and production feasibility to carry out technical transformation

1. carry out transformation in a planned and focused way. One is the equipment that has exceeded the depreciation period and the efficiency is less than 60%; The other is that the design efficiency of the equipment itself is low. The printing industry should focus on the transformation of these two situations. For example, the low-speed printer is replaced by the high-speed printer, the monochrome printer is replaced by the multi-color printer, and the single machine operation of book binding is replaced by the flow linkage. In production, it is a matter of principle that only by adopting new technologies and processes can the increase in the proportion of physical and chemical labor be lower than the increase in the growth rate of products

2. combination of localization and introduction. It is beyond reproach to properly introduce foreign advanced equipment to fill the gap and drive China's technological development. But we must be moderate and not blind. In the 1980s, various printing enterprises, regardless of their own capabilities, introduced electronic color separators one after another. As a result, they competed with each other and did not start enough. In addition, the rapid development of technology made it difficult for most printing enterprises that introduced electronic color separators to produce economic benefits. At present, China has a large number of imported printing equipment, and its production capacity needs to be further developed. At the same time, there is a phenomenon of printing medium-grade products with high-end equipment. This reminds the decision makers of enterprises that they should pay attention to the combination of localization and introduction of printing equipment. While introducing new equipment, they should pay attention to digesting and absorbing advanced production processes and technologies to form their own characteristics

3. the scheme shall be fully demonstrated. Enterprises pay attention to input and output, and are also very cautious about the flow of funds. Technical transformation costs money, and some equipment is very expensive. For example, the quotation of imported five-color and four-color offset printing machines is about US $1million. Therefore, the preliminary demonstration of technological transformation is essential. The performance, quality, applicability, maintenance, price, spare parts, robustness and other aspects of the equipment shall be carefully investigated and demonstrated, so as to ensure the implementation of technical transformation and the repayment of loans. (to be continued)

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