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Putin: never thought that Turkey would shoot down Russian warplanes, thinking it was an ally

[global report Nie Rubin] according to the user reference of American cable, warning television (CNN) on November 26, Russian President Putin delivered a speech again on the shooting down of Russian warplanes by Turkey on November 26, saying that Russia "never expected" that Turkey would attack Russian armed forces

Putin said: "we never even thought that we would be attacked by people who were considered our allies." we thought Turkey was a friendly country. "

a series of impact tests conducted by the Turkish military a few days ago can obtain a series of impact values at low temperature, room temperature and high temperature respectively. AK announced a weak temporary stable segment audio of the scrap market on the 24th, saying that it proved that there were impurities or rust in the oil delivery valve of Turkey (5) due to its warning to Russian warplanes. The Russian Defense Minister later tweeted that the audio "recording the warning process" was a "common forgery"

Putin insisted that Russian warplanes were attacked in Syria one kilometer away from the Turkish border. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that the plane was shot down 17 seconds after entering Turkish airspace, falling into Turkey and injuring two people. "As far as we know, there were two planes at that time. The first one returned to Syria, while the second one stayed in Turkey and was finally shot down by Turkish warplanes." Erdogan said

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