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"China core" industrialization puzzle

"2002 may become an eternal coordinate in the development history of China's information industry." On December 23, 2002, at the diaoyutaistateguesthouse in Beijing, Li Guojie, director of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, announced the beginning of the founding ceremony of the "Godson industrialization alliance" with a "Marquez" style

on the VIP seat below the stage, Gao Keqin, the boss of Great Wall software, Yu Zida, the vice president of Haier, Li Jun, the president of dawn, Guo Xianchen, the president of ChinaSoft, Liu Bo, the president of Zhongke Hongqi, and Shen Hua, the president of Shenzhou Longxin lined up. To some extent, this powerful alliance is more like a response to external doubts

since "Godson" 1 passed the appraisal of the development results of high-performance general-purpose CPU chips organized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on September 22 last year, this so-called China's first general-purpose CPU with independent intellectual property rights that can be produced in large quantities for commercial use has faced doubts from all parties. Among them, the biggest question is how to form its own competitiveness and realize industrialization for the "Godson" whose main frequency is only 266MHz? In sharp contrast to the warm and festive atmosphere created by the venue, there was heavy snow in the middle of winter outside the window. Liu Bo, President of Zhongke Hongqi, compared the challenges faced by "Godson industrialization alliance" with "seven swords descending to Tianshan Mountain", as well as the determination and pride at this time

on the road of industrialization, Godson is obviously just beating. Moreover, this is not only a problem faced by "Godson", but also a difficult problem for other "Chinese cores" to achieve technological breakthroughs, including ark 2 of ark technology, Shenwei 1 of Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Co., Ltd., Bluebird and other domestic CPUs

the national complex and the concept of China cannot cover up the fatal injury of the "China core". Under the general trend of economic marketization and globalization, the industrialization journey of Godson is like walking on thin ice. It is still difficult for the alliance to complete the task of marketization at least for now.

although there are still many doubts, Godson and other "Chinese cores" are the pride of the Chinese people anyway. It marks that China has preliminarily mastered the key technology of contemporary CPU design, and has taken an important step to change the "coreless" situation of China's information industry. At least two fundamental changes may be triggered - with the "China core" with independent intellectual property rights, the security of China's computer network will be more guaranteed. At the same time, China's national enterprises can only be at the bottom of the value chain of the entire IT industry because they do not grasp the key core technology. The embarrassing situation of working for foreign manufacturers will continuously improve the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry, which is likely to change. The question depends on how to realize the industrialization of this core technology as soon as possible

the national complex and the concept of China cannot cover up the fatal injury of the "China core". Under the general trend of economic marketization and globalization, the problems that must be solved in Godson industrialization are: on the one hand, the complete industrial chain of the chip industry covers design, manufacturing, testing and packaging. Godson projects supported by state funding cannot be taken over, and other effective ways need to be found; At the same time, a complete industrial chain is also a market chain. There must be a large number of relevant manufacturers, including operating system, application software, hardware and system integration manufacturers, and then unite around the experimental force to conduct electronic testing. The final decision of the fate of the chip is the number of its users

Dr. lidelei, President of Beijing ark Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out more pointedly, "playing the national brand is a victory of publicity, not a victory of products and technology itself." Because the gap between 266MHz Godson and 1g-3g chips of international famous CPU manufacturers Intel, AMD, via and other companies is self-evident

in fact, industrialization is the threshold that Godson 1 must cross from the beginning. To some extent, Godson 1 is like a baby in its infancy. Whether it can grow smoothly depends on the front line: that is, how to avoid and compete with powerful competitors at home and abroad. In this regard, as early as the beginning of the "Godson" project, Lu Yongxiang, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out sharply that technical success is not the key to the success or failure of the "Godson" project, and the key issue is how large a user base "Godson" can have

in fact, while making technological breakthroughs, the industrial journey of Godson 1 has also quietly started. After the successful development of Loongson 1, Beijing Shenzhou Loongson integrated circuit design Co., Ltd., based on Loongson 1 intellectual property rights and with a registered capital of 100million yuan, was established, and has entered the Beijing integrated circuit design industrial park to carry out various businesses, making every effort to promote the industrialization of "Loongson" CPU chips. In September last year, Dawning company, one of the three major domestic server manufacturers, launched the "Longteng" server using Godson 1 and its self-developed Godson dedicated motherboard and Linux operating system

but the symbol of industrialization is to have a large sales volume and seize a certain share of the market. In this sense, Godson must build an industrial ecological chain with itself as the core. On the other hand, domestic operating systems can only be strengthened if they are based on domestic chips. For some application manufacturers in server, NC, system integration and other industries, the security of Godson will become one of the biggest selling points of its entry into e-government, education, finance and other industries. Under this condition, "Godson industrialization alliance" came into being

"after the establishment of Godson industrial alliance, the business will mainly focus on E-government, industry-specific equipment, financial services, automation control, communication, handheld devices, information appliances and other fields." This makes full use of the advantages of major manufacturers - such as the strong scientific and technological strength of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Linux open system of Zhongke Hongqi and zhongruan, Haier's innovation, manufacturing capacity and strong service capacity, the advantage of dawning on the server, zhongruan and changruan's rich experience in domestic informatization construction such as government office, golden tax, Hongdun, Digital Olympics and Digital Beijing, Attract more enterprises interested in promoting the development of China's national industries to join this alliance, make use of group strength, improve the core competitiveness of the members of the alliance in related products, and promote the self-development of the members of the alliance and the prosperity of the related bio based high molecular materials industry with renewable resources as the main raw materials. Said liguojie, chairman of the league

to this end, the alliance also launched an ambitious "double hundred plan", which attracted more than 100 production and research units in various professional fields to join in 2003, developed more than 100 special products based on godson, and achieved a total of more than one million market sales within two years

enthusiasm and ambition cannot hide the cruel reality of the market. "Godson industrialization alliance" is not an alliance based on a complete market mechanism

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