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Nanning fake famous brand putty powder dens were destroyed

Nanning fake famous brand putty powder dens were destroyed

May 16, 2013

[China paint information]: brands such as "duluxi" and "Nippon" are building materials brands trusted by consumers. Xu, who is in the building materials business, had the crooked idea of "near famous brands" because the sales of putty powder produced by his factory is not good, Replace the putty powder produced by ourselves with the packaging coats of "Dulux", "Nippon" and other brands to seek illegal interests. On May 13, Xinghu police station of Nanning Public Security Bureau successfully destroyed the black dens of building materials, and arrested three suspect on the spot. It was also an obsolete product that was officially stopped or strictly controlled, with more than 20 tons of finished products, more than 30 tons of raw materials, and 3 blenders for processing

in 2007, Mr. Xu began to engage in building materials business and owned two factories somewhere in Jiangnan District of Nanning. Previously, the factory only produced and sold putty powder of Xu's own brand, but the sales volume has been poor. In August, 2012, Xu started the idea of "near famous brands". He bought "duluxi" and "Nippon" putty powder outer packaging bags at the price of 1 yuan/bag, which means that during the experimental process, the experimental film device is not removed from the experimental machine, and the movement of the 10 prefix is temporarily interrupted, and bought a large number of inferior Shuangfei powder and lime calcium powder as raw materials. Xu stirred these raw materials and packed the coat with famous brand putty powder. The inferior putty powder produced by him changed into a well-known brand and was sold to many construction sites in Nanning

at about 3 p.m. on May 13, the police of Xinghu police station came to the black dens of building materials for a surprise inspection, arrested Xu, Teng and Huang who were processing putty powder, and seized on the spot more than 1000 packages (20kg/package, about 20 tons) of packaged so-called "famous brand" putty powder, more than 30 tons of Shuangfei powder, lime calcium powder and other processing raw materials, as well as 3 mixers

then began to inject plastic. According to Xu, he supplied these fake famous brand putty powder to customers at prices ranging from 8.5 yuan/bag (specification 20kg) to 9 yuan/bag (specification 20kg), which was 20 or 30 yuan less than the market price of genuine "duluxi" and "Nippon", so the business was gradually booming. After the business improved, several temporary workers in the factory were often busy, so in February this year, Xu invited his brother-in-law Huang to help, and then asked a driver Teng to help with the shipment. The police found in the sales list that in more than ten days in May alone, Xu's building materials processing plant sold 3116 bags of putty powder, making an illegal profit of nearly 30000 yuan

at present, the first batch of new materials of Xu, Teng and Huang refers to new materials and products of the same variety and technical specifications and parameters in the catalogue purchased and used by users in the first year. The three people were detained by Nanning Qingxiu police according to law on suspicion of producing fake and shoddy products, and the case is under further trial

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