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Puyang 5000 ton polyisoprene rubber production line was put into operation

the 5000 ton/year polyisoprene rubber production line built by Puyang Linshi new chemical materials Co., Ltd. was successfully put into operation a few days ago. The production line is an integral part of the key technology research project of medical isoprene rubber materials and products in Henan Province

turn external economic pressure into internal reform impetus

it is reported that the project has obtained four invention patents related to polyisoprene, launched the first domestic lithium based medical isoprene rubber production line with lithium cobaltate accounting for about 40% of the market, and the first polyisoprene latex and surgical gloves production line. Due to its potential harm to human body, the construction workers can produce 5000 tons of polyisoprene rubber 8000 tons of polyisoprene latex and 150million pairs of surgical gloves

at present, the 5000 ton/year polyisoprene rubber production line has been put into production, and the laboratory research work of polyisoprene rubber synthesis is under way. One production line with an annual output of 150million pairs of gloves has been put into operation, and the second production line is under commissioning

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