The hottest PVC enterprises in Northeast China are

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Northeast PVC enterprise Nanzheng market

take another gasket to repeat the above steps. The medium-sized PVC chlor alkali enterprises located in the northeast region, mainly in the Northeast market, have changed their sales methods from April to early may under the double obstruction of northern domestic PVC and Russian PVC. Breakthrough is limited to the mode of door-to-door sales in the north and northeast, and boldly explore the sales market in South China

from April to early May, a total of more than 2000 tons of PVC resin have been sold southward twice, which has increased the reliability of products and entered the PVC markets in Fujian, East Guangdong and Guangzhou. Dealers have closely cooperated to invigorate capital operation, and increased operating benefits in large quantities with low operating costs, The DSC method and YBB method confirmed that this batch of oral polypropylene bottles were mixed with recycled materials to occupy the market. At present, many dealers in Xiamen and East Guangdong have further strengthened their cooperation with Jinhua. The downstream demand for soft foam is 444000 tons. They hope that through our common capital operation, we can control the price of domestic PVC in South China and make a relatively smooth transition to June

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