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Puyuan once again generously builds V-series truck cranes

Guide: V-series truck cranes, a new generation of high-performance full drive products in China that Puyuan once again generously builds, the energy used for breathtaking artistic modeling accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, returning to rational design concepts, safe and comfortable performance experience, and opening a new fashion in the consumption of truck cranes in China, Let you enjoy the double enjoyment of fashion products and value maximization

v series truck cranes, a new generation of high-performance full drive products in China created by Puyuan again, with breathtaking artistic modeling, rational design concept, safe and comfortable performance experience, open a new fashion of consumption of truck cranes in China, so that you can enjoy the dual enjoyment of fashionable products and value maximization—— So outstanding, for you to open a more brilliant financial drive on the mechanical and electrical ball screw rotation, rich Mandela is one of the few official and private doors

at all international and domestic large-scale exhibitions, V-series truck cranes have won praise from exhibitors and customers for their refined temperament and excellent quality, and won many awards

breaking the tradition, it integrates the brand-new appearance design concept, visual impact art modeling and modern technology. After taking the lead in independently developing the luxurious full width cab of China's truck crane, it once again triggered a breakthrough in the appearance and modeling of truck crane

fill the domestic gap, and 30t, 40t, 70t will be launched, making the product type spectrum of China's truck crane more complete

with a deep understanding of user needs, we pursue how to achieve the best performance with the most economical design! Therefore, when implementing "everything changes because of you", V series will do something and not do something. Its rational design enables it to have higher lifting height, faster working speed, larger lifting weight than international standards, more strict and economic cost control, and more stable performance and quality

complete safety assurance, reliable component measures, and humanized and convenient design ensure the safety of lifting operation and comfortable operation

qy70v full hydraulic truck crane

I. main technical features

1 Chassis

full drive four axle self-made special chassis, using 8 × 4 drive

the transmission system adopts a new Steyr high-power energy-saving engine, which saves nearly 10% energy at medium and low speeds compared with ordinary models; Equipped with Shaanxi gear fuller gearbox (with low-speed climbing gear), it has excellent performance and stable and reliable transmission. The tyres are made of steel radial tyres, which are durable

2. Crane

five hexagonal main boom, two jibs, single cylinder luffing, double winch, two movable outriggers

the main boom is made of low-alloy high-strength structural steel, equipped with patented slider, with strong bearing capacity

the new rotary buffer valve with unique design integrates various functions required by the rotary working condition, which can realize stable cushioning during fast start, fast stop and accelerated stop, automatically reduce the dynamic impact pressure, and reduce the electro-hydraulic proportional control of heavy object swing and rotary shaking

the upper carriage adopts electro-hydraulic proportional control, and the main hydraulic components adopt imported parts. The PLC integrated control system has the function of fault self diagnosis

the outrigger adopts electric double-sided control. Equipped with the fifth outrigger for 360 ° all-round operation

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