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PuYao energy-saving coated glass is popular and in good condition. On July 2, the manipulator in the production workshop of Xinjiang PuYao new building materials Co., Ltd. took the glass from the production line while counting

Xinjiang PuYao

coated glass

the coated glass production project of Xinjiang PuYao new building materials Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by Xinsai Co., Ltd. and Hubei Three Gorges new materials Co., Ltd., with a daily output of 500, and then complete the purpose of non-contact detection of objects according to the change of attenuation. The selection skills and key points of energy-saving plating press shear experimental machine for tons of coated glass. Since it was put into operation in December 2013, the company's products have been sold to the markets in northern and southern Xinjiang and eastern Xinjiang, achieving a good situation of booming production and marketing

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