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Second hand recycling: Shanwei Luhe County wire/cable recycling come here

second hand recycling: Shanwei Luhe County wire/cable recycling come here, yitong'an cable recycling, with the specified 154.5kw gas Bunsen lamp (527500btu/hr) for 30 minutes. The qualification standard is that the flame cannot spread to the upper part of a 12 foot high room. There is no smoke concentration specification for trunk cables, which are generally used for floor vertical and horizontal wiring. The company faces Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, Weifang, Zibo, Jining and Linyi in Shandong Province. When opening the oil return valve, the speed must be 1. Slow Yi, Rizhao, Tai'an, Dongying, Binzhou, Dezhou, Laiwu, Heze, Liaocheng and Zaozhuang. I believe everyone knows that the impact of COVID-19 on all walks of life is revolutionary. All kinds of waste power cables are recycled at the door in areas. Correct the rated current carrying capacity of the cable according to the ambient temperature, and then judge whether the allowable current of the cable is greater than the load current. Recovery of yitong'an power cable: provide medium and low-voltage power cables, high-voltage cables, ultra-high voltage cables, UHV cables, flame-retardant power cables, cross-linked power cables, oil immersed power cables, plastic power cables, rubber insulated power cables, power transmission cables, overhead insulated cables, fire-resistant cables, high-temperature cables, oil resistant cables, wear-resistant cables, cold resistant cables, fire-resistant cables, armored power cables Recycling services for flame retardant power cables, oil impregnated paper insulated power cables, power optical cables, YJV power cables, and VV power cables

yitong'an recycling company is an enterprise specializing in cable recycling services. Yitong'an is a well-known enterprise with abundant funds in Guangzhou, which focuses on the recycling of renewable waste materials. The company has accumulated rich recycling experience in many years of marketing, and has won the praise of customers as well as good reputation and business reputation

in terms of cable recycling, communication cables are generally divided into two parts: cable core and sheath. The protective layer can be divided into sheath and outer protective layer. The cable core is composed of insulated conductive core wire and necessary shielding, filling and binding tapes (wires). From the appearance, the cross section of the cable core is generally circular. KVVR copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed control flexible cable It is laid indoors, and it is required to be soft and shielded for movement. zrvv,zrvv22zrvlvzrvlv22。 q: Lead (lead car), paint, lead, light (type), gas, steam (car), item and item 7 are represented by pinyin letters, and polymer materials are represented by the first letter of the English name, and each item can be a letter; Item 6 is a number. It is mainly used for various motors, instruments and meters, etc. The hardness test of low smoke halogen-free stainless steel should consider its mechanical properties, the test requirements of cables, plastic insulated cables, rubber insulated cables and inorganic mineral insulated cables

scrap steel has the characteristics of different types, shapes, weights, sizes and lengths. The scrap steel supply department must process different types and specifications of scrap steel into the right furnace charge according to the requirements of steelmaking production through processing means. At the same time of processing, the profiles and steel plates that can be directly used should be selected and used as direct production materials after cutting and gas cutting, so as to improve the utilization value of waste steel and make the best use of materials. Factory scrap and social scrap will be selected and processed by steel enterprises or dealers. At present, the processing of scrap steel in China generally adopts methods such as manual sorting, oxygen cutting, shearing, crushing, packaging and briquetting

with the recovery of yitong'an cable and the improvement of special formula, it is still in the state of radiation crosslinking in a wide range, so its performance will be improved after being radiated in the long early use process. p: Row, (core) screen (shield), distribution (line), poor (Pan impregnation, i.e. dry insulation), marine cable recycling: marine power cable, marine control cable, marine communication cable, marine halogen-free cable, marine low smoke cable, deep-water sealed cable, umbilical cable, marine saline alkali resistant cable, dock cable, marine coaxial cable, marine coaxial cable, CEFR marine rubber cable, December 6, marine RF cable recycling service. Mining cable recycling: Mining communication cable, electrical equipment cable recycling, mining rubber sheathed flexible cable, mining mobile cable, mining flame retardant cable, mining rubber sheathed cable, mining control cable, mining optical cable, mining branch cable, mining monitoring cable, mining shielding flexible cable, high voltage mining cable, MC cable, MCP cable, MZ cable, MZP cable, MYP mining cable, myq cable, my cable, mcptj cable, myptj cable MVV cable, mkvv cable, MYJV cable, mkyjv cable, mhyv cable, UGF cable, 10kV rubber sheathed cable, 6kV mining cable recycling service

with the increasing global attention to environmental protection and the greater development of material recycling technology, waste paper recycling is used more and more widely. In the recycling process of waste steel, the forms of cutting, packaging, crushing, sorting, cleaning, preheating and so on are often used, so that the waste steel can finally form a high-quality charge that can be used by the metallurgical industry. Different treatment methods are selected according to different forms, sizes and pollution levels of waste, as well as recycling purposes and quality requirements

cable recovery and prevention of direct damage to power cables by external forces. The products are mainly used for strong electric energy transmission in power generation, distribution, transmission, transformation and power supply lines, with large current (tens of amps to thousands of AMPS) and high voltage (220V to 500kV and above). Identification and length marking: there are permanent identification marks on the surface of the cable, and the interval between the marks is not more than 1m. It is mainly used in occasions with high flame retardant requirements, such as generic cabling in hotels, banks, factories, commercial and residential buildings. Shandong waste wire recycling company has long provided various waste high-temperature resistant wire recycling services at high prices. Silicone rubber insulated wire and cable silicone rubber has good heat resistance. The common silicone rubber for wires and cables is methyl vinyl silicone rubber, and the working temperature range is -60 ℃ ~ 180 ℃. Silicone rubber has good bending properties and low-temperature properties, which are not easy to damage and crack. These properties are not available in general high-temperature cables. Therefore, silicone rubber cables have a wide range of applications, and have become a highlight of high-temperature cables

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