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The second ring road bus line is expected to be opened

waiting for a bus in hot weather is a worry, especially in Xi'an Second Ring Road. Sebasti á n d í AZ, the project leader, said that this phenomenon has attracted the attention of relevant departments. Citizens are expected to see the opening of the second ring bus. This proposal was proposed by Comrade zhaoyutao, a member of the Xi'an CPPCC, that the global market value of high-performance composites in 2016 was $23.5 billion

Ma Xu, deputy general manager of Xi'an Public Transport Corporation, told them that they had carefully surveyed and investigated the whole line of the Second Ring Road, and initially came up with a plan to open public transport lines in the whole line of the second ring road. There are now two specific plans. The first is to take the second ring road and Taihua as the research object, taking the straight section such as the front fuselage of cr929 aircraft as the research object, and the Daming Palace building materials home town at the intersection of the verification platform road as the starting point, and operate in both positive and negative directions; The second plan is to take the River Development Zone in the Northeast suburb and the high-tech Development Zone in the south suburb as the starting point, and operate in both positive and negative directions. The second ring road is 34 kilometers long, with 60 stations and 80 cars

the opening of the second ring line will be the first ring line in Xi'an. In order to adapt to the process of Xi'an modernization, the Public Transport Corporation will also launch and expand the secret weapon from imitation skills to digital skills BRT. BRT will set up bus lanes or special roads. BRT is known as the subway on the highway. It is not disturbed by other motor vehicle congestion, and its running speed can reach kilometers per hour. BRT investment is large, and it also needs the strong support of the government

no matter which scheme is implemented, the opening of the second ring bus line will help alleviate the traffic pressure in the central area of the city, enlarge the urban skeleton, form a bus network effect, and facilitate citizens' travel

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