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Grade II constructor electromechanical engineering management and practice simulation test paper

single choice questions

1. Clean air conditioning duct system, in which the cleanliness grades N6 to N9 are () systems

a. no pressure

b. low pressure

c. medium pressure

d. high pressure

2. The characteristic of the constant value control system is that () once set, it will remain unchanged, and it is hoped that the output will be maintained at a specific value

a. transmitter output

b. system output

c. given input

d. system working state

3. When installing paper machine or rolling mill, there are many rollers parallel to each other. When detecting the parallelism of each roller, the () measurement method is recommended

a. first align one roller, and then use it as the benchmark to find the parallelism one by one with the push rod micrometer

b. make an auxiliary line parallel to the longitudinal centerline of the equipment on the operation side, and use the auxiliary line as the benchmark, and use the theodolite that meets the requirements to align each roller to make it parallel to each other

c. make an auxiliary line parallel to the longitudinal centerline of the equipment on the operation side, and use the auxiliary line as the benchmark, Use a theodolite that meets the requirements to align one of the rollers in each group, so that the reference rollers in each group are parallel to each other, and then use a push rod micrometer to align the other rollers based on the reference rollers in each group

d. first, use a theodolite to align the reference rollers in each group, and then use a precision distance measuring instrument to measure the other rollers, so that they are parallel to the reference rollers

4. One of the safety requirements of electrical trial operation is in live circuits, switchgear The operating handle is safe ()

a. sign lamp

b. sign plate

c. fence

d. warning rope

5. The preload of foundation preloading test shall not be less than () times of the force acting on the equipment foundation during full load operation of the equipment





6. The purpose of electrical handover test is to determine whether the newly installed equipment () and ensure safety

a. meet the design requirements

b. invest in vigorously developing the operation of circular economy

c. meet the requirements of Shanli

d. meet the manufacturing standards

7. There are mainly two categories of non-metallic materials in Electromechanical Engineering ()

a. polymer materials and inorganic non-metallic materials

b. non-metallic pipes and synthetic fiber materials

c. anti corrosion materials and non-metallic pipes

d. synthetic rubber materials and synthetic fiber materials

8. Lighting lines laid with pipes and () joints in pipes

a. no

b. it should be

c. it should not be

D. it should not be

9. Welding inspection includes pre welding inspection, in welding inspection and post welding inspection. Point out that among the following options, the one that belongs to in welding inspection is ()

a. ultrasonic flaw detection

b. assembly group inspection

c. metal chemical composition analysis

d. self inspection of multilayer welding interlayer defects

10. The self-propelled crane must test and accept the foundation before hoisting heavy objects, and carry out the foundation according to the regulations ()

a. reinforcement

b. hoisting test

c. settlement preloading test

d. foundation design

11. Conclusion evaluation procedures for fire acceptance should be formed ()

a. technical test report of fire protection facilities

b. fire control acceptance opinions

c. fire protection engineering can be used for tensile test, compression test, bending test, stress relaxation or creep test of metal, plastic, rubber, film, fiber, glass fiber, paper, textile and other metal materials, non-metallic materials, composites, rectification notice

d. project handover data list

12 The operating appliance that can connect and disconnect a certain load current in the circuit is ()

a. load switch

b. disconnector

c. fuse

d. transfer switch

13. The newly installed electrical equipment must be tested according to the relevant specifications issued by the state before being put into production

a. handover

b. type

c. insulation

d. withstand voltage

14. The requirements for MIG welding in the standard "welding procedure qualification of steel pressure vessels" require a new welding procedure qualification when ()

a. transformation between solid wire and flux cored wire

b. transformation between gas protection and self protection of flux cored wire

c. increase of shielding gas flow by 30%

d. transformation of shielding gas type

15. The pipeline conveying () medium needs degreasing

a. beer

b. oxygen

c. purified water

d. argon

16. The English symbol of the communication network system is ()




17. Checking the vacuum degree of the arc extinguishing chamber is an () acceptance item

a. disconnector

b. oil circuit breaker

c. vacuum circuit breaker

d. sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker

18. Common methods of elevation measurement ()

a. leveling method

b. electromagnetic software design for the rapidity and convenience of experimental operation wave ranging trigonometric leveling method

c. height difference method

d. instrument height method

19. The calculation formula of the allowable tension of steel wire rope is: t=p/K, where k is the safety factor, and the household is the breaking force of steel wire rope (MPA). K of steel wire rope used as sling is not less than ()





20. Units with () grade pressure vessel manufacturing license can install all pressure vessels





21. The fire engineering shall be constructed in strict accordance with the design drawings reviewed and approved by ()

a. the construction unit

b this fee includes meals, venue fees, expert fees, data fees, etc. the design unit

c. the supervision company

d. the public security fire department

22. In the epicyclic gear train, the gear whose axis position changes, which is both self rotation and revolution, is called ()

a. center wheel

b. planet carrier

c. planet gear

d. sun gear

23. The foundation form of large vibrating equipment is ()

a. block foundation

b. single block foundation

c. plain concrete foundation

d. reinforced concrete foundation

24. Measuring instruments managed according to law include ()

a. basic measuring instruments, standard measuring instruments, working measuring instruments

b. basic measuring instruments, standard measuring instruments, working measuring instruments

c. basic measuring instruments, basic measuring instruments, working measuring instruments

d. basic measuring instruments, standard measuring instruments, basic measuring instruments

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