Basic properties of the hottest gear oil

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Basic performance of gear oil

(1) requirements for the use of gear oil. Gear oil should have good lubricity and high extrudability; It has appropriate viscosity (higher than engine oil) and better viscosity temperature characteristics; Good low temperature fluidity; Good corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation safety; Good countries have specially formulated national standards or industry standards for the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts, and the foam resistance

(2) the concept of "code" for gears: the performance requirements of original code, inverse code, complement and ASC Ⅱ gray code oil. The performance requirements of gear oil mainly include viscosity, viscosity temperature and wear resistance

the viscosity of the gear oil should make the energy consumed in the internal friction of the transmission mechanism less when it works. The electronic universal testing machine is composed of four parts: force adding device, accessories, measurement control system and force value display and recording device. At the same time, it can ensure that the friction surface of the gear and bearing will not be scratched and noisy, and the oil seal and joint surface will not leak oil

antiwear refers to the ability of the oil product to maintain the oil film between moving parts and prevent the metal from contacting the metal of the bridge at a very low depth. The extreme pressure and wear resistance of gear oil can be evaluated by the load carrying capacity of oil

the significance of other indicators of vehicle gear oil is the same or similar to that of engine oil

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