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The second-generation Huawei HD video created a new concept for Foshan yueguan group to discuss

through mutual cooperation with Huawei, in early 2014, Foshan yueguan group as a pilot project, became the first successful case of deploying the whole series of products of Huawei's second-generation HD intelligent video system in the country. The system covers 18 domestic fixed offices, 90 customers and temporary mobile access venues

the industrial scope ranks among the top 4 in China; The comprehensive competitiveness is further improved

customer background

Foshan yueguan group is a leading enterprise in the comprehensive building materials industry integrating the R & D, production and sales of building materials, decorative materials and other products. The company respects the enterprise spirit of being down-to-earth, fighting hard and creating a good enterprise environment with the business philosophy of integrity, win-win, creating a good business environment. With a new management mode, perfect technology, considerate service and excellent quality as the basis for survival, the company always adheres to the concept of user first and serving customers wholeheartedly, and has achieved a leading position in the national building materials industry

customer challenges

unpredictable market situation, rapid economic growth, national infrastructure blooming everywhere, and uneven development among regions have brought unprecedented challenges to the building materials industry. Without exception, how to speed up market analysis and decision-making, strengthen customer communication and enhance enterprise competitiveness is the primary problem faced by the group. The traditional customer visits, customer meetings and business talks can no longer meet the rapid response needs of market competition, and the communication efficiency leads to the failure of rapid and effective delivery of business opportunities. The group hopes to solve these problems by deploying a flexible and variable remote consultation system on the existing broadband in China


through close cooperation and mutual cooperation with Huawei, the group carried out project pilot for the listing of Huawei's second-generation high-definition video te series soft terminal within the group, and successfully deployed it and put it into commercial use

the pilot system covers all products of Huawei's second-generation HD video system, including Huawei's second-generation HD fully adapted MCU vp9650, the second-generation HD video terminals te30 and te40, the second-generation HD video management platform SMC 2.0, SC firewall traversal equipment, as well as the main products of this pilot, the latest te mobile system software terminal

te mobile is an example of the deployment of software terminals, which can enable not only internal employees of the group, but also group customers to access the group video system at any time, no matter where, and immediately carry out meetings, negotiations, communication and discussions, completely sublimating the construction significance and application scope of the group video system

Huawei HD video conferencing solution has the following advantages:

flexible consultation and convenient access

the solution is based on advanced fully adaptive hardware platform and supports mixed groups. Whether in traditional conference rooms, desks, hotels or outdoor, video conferences can be conducted through the corresponding conference room terminals, computer platforms, or even pad platforms

business value-added, seize business opportunities

abandon the previous criticism that video systems can only be used within the enterprise. In the video system made of these materials in the "second generation HD" of Huawei, which is used as the window guide, the participants can be Group employees or customers, and there are no restrictions on hardware, location and participants, The plastic recycling granulator reprocesses the waste plastics in daily life to generate the plastic raw materials needed by the enterprise. The login and membership permissions are all controlled by the account and password with encryption mechanism, which truly realizes barrier free communication

customer value

by the end of May 2014, Huawei's second-generation high-definition video system had been successfully deployed and put into commercial use in Foshan yueguan group, helping Foshan yueguan group build a national enterprise administrative and business high-definition video network, achieving efficient communication, information sharing, and enhancing interaction within the group and between group customers

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