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Second hand equipment market qifali construction machinery focuses on developing the economy, improving the people's livelihood market or winning the turnaround

second hand equipment market qifali construction machinery market or winning the turnaround

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in recent years, with the global economy entering the wandering stage, China's economy is facing a period of structural transformation, and China's construction machinery industry is also experiencing a "new normal", Many well-known construction machinery manufacturing enterprises in the world have also shifted their marketing focus to the post market. As an extended service of equipment, second-hand equipment accounts for a large proportion in the post market. At the same time, many of the customers facing China's construction machinery market are small and medium-sized enterprises, even individual users. The difference in financial strength has created a lot of idle and circulation space for second-hand equipment, and a large number of cost-effective second-hand equipment continue to flow into the market. Therefore, it can be said that in the past two years, second-hand equipment is gradually entering the mainstream market and has become a new growth point and opportunity for the construction machinery industry

enterprises with insufficient experience in the second-hand equipment market are facing new challenges

but at present, the construction machinery industry is still facing problems such as overcapacity, the imbalance of accounts receivable, the birth of a new agrochemical company, and so on. Although many enterprises turn to the post war market to develop the second-hand equipment market, they also face various challenges

with the continuous expansion of the market scale of second-hand equipment, the financing problem of second-hand equipment in the circulation process has become increasingly apparent

the huge number of China's second-hand construction machinery market is mainly dominated by second-hand vendors. The valuation and pricing system of second-hand equipment needs to be improved. Therefore, the transaction price of second-hand equipment is determined by the market. No matter whether the seller has profits or not, the product can be sold as long as the price recognized by the market is followed. The second-hand equipment market is full of chaos, unfair competition and information asymmetry, which makes financial enterprises distrust this huge sales market, so that they cannot carry out effective financial penetration

although many well-known equipment manufacturing enterprises in the world have made enviable profits in the post market, domestic manufacturers and agents only take the service guarantee of the post market as an auxiliary means of sales, and their role in the second-hand equipment business is not clear, lack the support of technology and talents, and lack an operation and management mechanism that can advance and retreat

Doosan power second-hand equipment provides high-quality professional products and services

although China's second-hand equipment market is a new market that needs to be improved, as the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer, Doosan construction machinery also closely follows the market situation and has been paying close attention to and vigorously guiding the healthy development of China's construction machinery. Observing the complex transactions and financing problems faced by the second-hand equipment market, Doosan construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "customer-centered", takes the needs of customers as the focus, and makes comprehensive efforts in products, channels, marketing and other aspects to lead the development and progress of the second market

first, improve the quality of equipment and increase the residual value rate of second-hand equipment; Moreover, we should combine the national "made in China 2025" strategy with the "Internet +" thinking and operation, maximize the use of Internet platforms, and implement differentiated sales and service modes without sticking to one sales channel. By skillfully using strategies, Doosan has created a new model in the field of second-hand construction machinery trading, and has achieved a major event as an industry benchmark

in March 2015, Doosan construction machinery took the lead in signing a strategic cooperation agreement on second-hand equipment trading with tiebaobao, China's leading second-hand construction machinery auction platform, committed to bringing the fairness, transparency and efficiency of Internet into the field of second-hand construction machinery trading, and assisting tiebaobao to maximize secondary benefits and improve the overall brand of Doosan. Due to the complementarity of this time with the Internet auction platform, in 2016, Doosan reached a cooperation with Nanjing yigougougouluo Technology Co., Ltd. ("easy to dig financing"), and continued to adopt the advanced business philosophy and management technology of the Internet to provide targeted secondary resource treatment solutions for factories, agents and other partners, which can not only digest secondary inventory and solve cash flow problems, but also do not need to occupy manufacturers Dai even has more joy in managing its own funds, reducing operating costs and risks, and jointly promoting the financing market of second-hand equipment

at the same time, Doosan, which makes good use of the Internet platform as a channel, has also comprehensively revised and upgraded the self-developed second-hand equipment platform. The updated platform has added rental equipment query, remanufactured parts mall, exclusive service query and end app. At the same time, it has optimized the computer page and redesigned a more humanized flat menu to facilitate customers to quickly query the required equipment and recycled parts. The use of independent network information channels not only effectively solves the problem of information asymmetry of second-hand trading equipment, but also standardizes the guarantee of trading

in addition to adopting networking and information platforms, Doosan has opened up a variety of sales channels to speed up the circulation of second-hand equipment. With the help of third-party platform resources, Doosan has held auctions in many places, bringing many high-quality Doosan equipment to customers, so that customers can personally feel the quality and value of the equipment, and help promote customer business

since Doosan entered the second-hand equipment market, it has held three second-hand equipment auctions. For example, the Doushan special auction held in Xushui, Hebei Province, attracted nearly 500 customers from all over the country to participate in the auction. This auction not only launched Doosan's first-hand vehicle sources including excavators and loaders, covering hot models that have attracted customers' attention, but also took photos of reman components such as engines, main pumps, slewing motors, and walking devices remanufactured by Doosan, as well as Doosan crushers provided by the AM department, with a total of 108 auctions. The final transaction rate exceeded 50%, the transaction volume was nearly 8million yuan, and the sales of second-hand equipment achieved remarkable results

with the continuous maturity of China's excavator market, the proportion of the second-hand equipment market has increased. Doosan is also providing customers with more diversified services and equipment. It is constantly pursuing reform, helping the development of the second-hand equipment market, innovating and aspiring to provide customers with better services and strive to maximize the interests of customers

China's construction machinery industry has a bright prospect, and the second-hand equipment market continues to make efforts.

all enterprises are doing their best to standardize the second-hand equipment market, so that the second-hand equipment market has an increasingly bright prospect. The structure of these fixtures has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now, during the "13th five year plan" period, as the global economy and industrial operation further tend to be stable, the construction machinery industry will adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, focus on quality and benefit adjustment structure, realize the sustainable development of the industry, and take the "the Belt and Road" strategy and the three strategies of the Yangtze River economic belt as an opportunity to further accelerate China's construction machinery industry to go global and implement the manufacturing power strategy. The state has also issued a series of industry standards and norms based on the chaotic trading of products in the second-hand equipment market, which shows the importance it attaches to the second-hand market of construction machinery

with the support of the state, the construction machinery industry, which is recovering, and the second-hand equipment circulation industry have stood at a new historical starting point, and are in a critical period of development to improve the market order and build a long-term mechanism. While establishing market norms and transaction security mechanisms, we should focus on regulating the authority, impartiality, and credibility of evaluation institutions as third parties, In addition, there should be relatively perfect quality appraisal institutions and professional practitioners to materialize the standards, jointly maintain the circulation order of the second-hand equipment market, standardize the trading behavior of second-hand equipment, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the trading parties, so as to promote the healthy development of the second-hand equipment market

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