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The second titanium dioxide application technology training course was held in Beijing

the second titanium dioxide application technology training course was held in Beijing

May 20, 2005

in May, China Color Masterbatch professional committee organized the second 12 day titanium dioxide application technology training course in Beijing University of chemical technology

in the training class, experts from Wu Lifeng, Ma Jiping and Wang Li explained the special knowledge of titanium dioxide. Through the training, the trainees basically mastered the performance indicators such as particle size distribution and dispersion of titanium dioxide, as well as the application requirements and operation technology of titanium dioxide in the fields of coatings, inks and so on

28 heads of 18 major titanium dioxide production enterprises in China, including Zhonghe Huayuan, Henan Bailian, Zhenjiang titanium dioxide, Jinan Yuxing, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Nanjing titanium dioxide, Sichuan longmang, Quanzhou Sanwei, etc., participated in this study, which were published in UL online database "UL testing and verification service" ( These represent the production status and product quality level of titanium dioxide in China. Jany, who covered the enterprise, said, "we are separating the innovative adjustable application method of plastic and paint combination from high-profit business from production, technology, sales, research and development and other aspects.

China color Masterbatch professional committee recently revised and compiled the 2005 titanium dioxide application manual

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