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The second-hand instrument market will ease the pressure on the instrument industry

the primary factor for the existence of the second-hand instrument market is that new instruments are too expensive, while the demand of the production and R & D departments is always present and expanding, and the renewal cycle of the instrument's own products is very slow, in order to reduce costs, Insurance can be used as "From the perspective of manufacturing the largest composite structural barrier for space vehicles in history, buying second-hand instruments is a good choice. It is needed as soon as it exists. The market development prospect of second-hand instruments and meters has always been good because of their practicality and low price. In addition, China's norms for the second-hand instrument market have also played a good role in promoting.

with the increase of instruments and equipment every year, the utilization rate of instruments and equipment has increased It is gradually decreasing, because there is no method and mechanism to assess the efficiency of instruments, Therefore, there are few "this is very remarkable. Some people pay attention to this aspect. Many enterprises choose second-hand instruments to reduce the elimination risk when purchasing instruments. This demand is undoubtedly conducive to the rapid development of the second-hand instrument market, and is conducive to the rapid development of the domestic instrument market in line with the international trend and not coincident with the main needle. In 2000, the national development and Reform Commission revised and issued The "catalogue of industries, products and technologies currently encouraged by the state" mentions "idle equipment adjustment market", "leasing services" and other items about second-hand instruments and meters; The government report in 2016 proposed to activate the second-hand equipment market; In March of the same year, the general office of the State Council issued several opinions on promoting the convenient trading of second-hand equipment

with the support of policies, the second-hand instrument market has become the backbone and paved the way for the future development of the second-hand instrument market. As the state attaches importance to and supports the development of the second-hand equipment industry, and constantly formulates policies, regulations and technical standards to support and standardize the development of the second-hand equipment industry, the second-hand equipment market will enter the fast lane of development. At present, there are also many e-commerce platforms. 9. It is not difficult to see that as long as there are reliable supply and sales channels, the development prospect of second-hand instruments is very worthy of expectation through the automatic control of high-temperature furnaces by computers and PLC electrical systems. I believe that in the current environment, the second-hand instrument market will certainly be able to break out in the instrument industry and add new vitality to China's instrument industry

at present, China's second-hand instrument market has obviously shown mature characteristics. The circulation of second-hand instruments is not only an important pillar of enterprise industry and sustainable development, but also related to national projects that change the mode of national economic development, but also an important way to achieve supply side structural reform. In the continuous development and innovation, the second-hand instrument market is about to enter the fast lane. The basic conditions, the improvement of policy environment and the establishment of market maturity mechanism have been met, laying the foundation for the outbreak of the second-hand equipment market. The outlet of the second-hand instrument market has arrived, and then China's second-hand instrument market will usher in explosive growth

in recent years, with the upgrading speed of various instruments and machinery, this has also led to the emergence of the second-hand market, and the instrument industry is no exception, because after a certain number of years after purchase, the utilization value of many large instruments will be devalued for various reasons, and then they will change hands, especially in some large units, the upgrading of inspection equipment is particularly obvious. However, the second-hand instrument market is not prosperous, and there are many problems

many manufacturers and enterprises have equipment update problems, so it is not difficult to explore supply channels. In addition, in terms of capital, due to the practicality and low price of second-hand instruments and meters, some early-stage enterprises that lack funds will still choose second-hand instruments and meters because of their cost performance, so there is no lack of market. However, after the supply channels and sales channels are opened, the development prospect of the second-hand instrument market will be very promising

however, there will still be many difficulties in the early stage of the development of an industry: in particular, its market is not standardized, the supply channels are not unified, and the after-sales service cannot be guaranteed, which has become the main problems in the current development. Although the new instrument is expensive, as a precision equipment and high-tech equipment, it is very important to get good after-sales service and maintenance. This is precisely the technical support that second-hand instruments and meters are difficult to provide and meet

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