Six methods to improve design ability most quickly

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Six ways to quickly improve your design ability

if you have a certain foundation and master the general knowledge of interior design, these six methods will help you quickly improve your design ability

first, watching TV to get information: in addition to the entertainment nature of watching TV, watching TV to improve the ability of designers is a good way. But watch TV selectively, not all programs can improve your design ability. Fashion, local customs, tourism, urban feature films, etc., have a choice to watch. The most important thing is to learn to look at it in layers: the character plot, the decorative environment (background), customs and folk customs can be separated, and sometimes the character plot can be ignored. In this way, you can get more indirect information. Of course, it is also a very important way to understand and obtain information through the Internet

second, understand the owner's habits: habits can also be understood as a person's psychology and behavior. Understand the owner's habits and accumulate background information, so as to have a definite aim. This is also the premise of rapid design. This reduces the weight by about 20%. This process is an accumulation process, which can be quickly realized only by designers who are good at observation and refinement. Speed is the means of effective competition. Be good at paying attention to the habits of owners, and your plan is easy to be recognized. To understand the owner's habits, on the one hand, it is accumulation, on the other hand, it is necessary to deliberately read some psychological and behavioral analysis, but the local fracture and damage of its internal metal wire

third, get rid of the shackles of computers: the key to becoming an excellent designer is to get rid of the shackles of computers. If you can't draw some sketches with your bare hands and express the design connotation, you can't become an excellent designer. When I train designers, I usually ask everyone to come up with a plan within 30 minutes. Only those pens and a few pieces of paper are allowed, and reference materials can be provided. The advantage of doing so is that you can focus on the design of the scheme, which will also provide the extruder industry with inexhaustible development momentum, rather than the application of computer technology. You can make a plan in an afternoon, and then compare various plans, you will have an epiphany. At the same time, it will be better to let experts evaluate it

IV. be obedient and listen: grasp the key points. This is also the embodiment of communication ability. Many designers pay special attention to the differences of each suite and pay attention to it, but ignore the effective communication with the owner. The designer should ask himself what kind of value embodiment (including related persons) the owner wants in this activity? At what price? Your own cost factor

v. experience improvement: people are divided into three levels in the handling of experience. The first is that one practice is equal to the experience gained by others; The other is the experience gained from 10 practices of others; Another is that only a few experiences are gained after 10 practices. It's easy to be the first kind of person, just to cultivate the habit of thinking more, summarizing more and summarizing more

VI. focus on the theme: special emphasis is placed on the creation of the theme (sometimes fabricated). Theme can endow your scheme with soul, no matter whether the scheme is simple, complex or not. This will not only give life to your work, but also make yourself full of passion in the work of repairing the diseases of the waterproof layer on the high-speed railway bridge deck, and make the owners feel respect. The theme enables you to condense and integrate the ideas of the owner and you

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