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The lack of access system in the construction glass market caused six "hard injuries"

the famous trademark of Anhui Province declared by Anhui Hengchun Glass Co., Ltd. was approved, which made the company occupy a favorable position in the future competition. Wang Hengchun, the chairman of the company, is also the chairman of Hefei glass chamber of Commerce. Driven by him, several enterprises among the members have begun to apply for famous trademarks in Anhui Province

Anhui Hengchun Glass Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, has all kinds of glass deep-processing equipment with international advanced level, has a professional and technically competent management team and engineering design and installation team, is proficient in various glass deep-processing processes, and can produce glass deep-processing products such as high-specification and difficult large curtain wall glass. Why should we apply for Anhui famous trademark? Wang Hengchun said: it is to use excellent products to occupy the market of poor enterprises, so as to purify Hefei's glass market, build Hefei's glass industry into a well-known quality brand in the province and even the whole country, and contribute to Hefei's "building a city with industry", "prospering the city with quality" and "strengthening the city with brand". As early as December 2009, on behalf of Hefei glass chamber of Commerce, Wang Hengchun submitted to the Hefei municipal government a plan to improve and perfect the industry access system, which demonstrated president Wang Hengchun's determination to purify the Hefei glass market. In the previous market survey, Hefei glass chamber of Commerce found six "hard injuries" in the quality of some building glass entering the market

the lack of access system has caused six "hard injuries"

"first, the overall qualification rate of the product is low; second, the output quality guarantee provided by various suppliers has different formats and incomplete contents, which cannot play a corresponding role; some enterprises do not have the qualification to process and produce safety and energy-saving glass." Wang Hengchun said

Wang Hengchun then listed the other three problems found in the investigation: leading. In order to meet the "special" requirements of customers, some glass manufacturers tampered with the glass product test report without authorization. Second, the glass products that leave the factory are not subject to necessary inspection. Third, many manufacturers shoddy. In the current market, it is also insulating glass. With a little manipulation, the cost can be reduced by 10%. From the appearance alone, even professionals can't distinguish the true from the false; Invest tens of thousands of yuan to build a glass processing plant, and the quality of products produced in workshops varies

for the root causes of the current market glass quality problems, the lack of industry access system and weak industry supervision are important reasons. For example, Wang Hengchun said that for insulating glass, which is also "5+9+5", the size of regular carbon nanodots can be adjusted by selecting MOFs with different pore structures. The glass thickness should be 5mm, while the glass thickness produced by some irregular manufacturers "shrinks" to 4. 7 mm, this subtle difference is difficult for professionals to see with the naked eye. However, the thickness of the glass is reduced, and the impact resistance is obviously insufficient. There are potential safety hazards when it is installed on the building. In addition, some small manufacturers are still "fiddling" with raw materials such as aluminum bars and molecular sieves. These seemingly small changes can reduce production costs by more than 10%, affecting the normal market operation order

according to Wang Hengchun's analysis, another important factor affecting the quality and safety of glass in the current market is the lack of industry supervision. "At present, the glass quality supervision generally adopts the inspection system, that is, it is still in the strategic opportunity period. In other words, the samples of the inspected products are sampled by each manufacturer and sent to the relevant departments for inspection, and the samples submitted for inspection must be qualified." Wang Hengchun said that the "hidden rules" of this inspection system have long been "understood" by some small manufacturers

it is imperative to establish an access system to regulate the market

in order to regulate the Hefei glass market, Hefei glass chamber of Commerce, under the auspices of Wang Hengchun, formulated the plan of Hefei glass industry access system as early as the end of 2009

According to the plan, Hefei Municipal Construction Committee and Hefei quality inspection station will jointly put forward specific requirements for the implementation of the industry access system by Hefei glass chamber of Commerce, and the chamber of Commerce will carry out the access work under the guidance of the Construction Committee and quality inspection station. Based on this, the glass chamber of Commerce established an industry management office to send experienced personnel to operate safely; The professionals of the company went deep into the manufacturers and markets, registered and filed the qualifications, equipment, technical force, output, output value, product computer calculable and digital display material impact absorption energy, impact toughness, pendulum angle and experimental average value quality of local and foreign glass enterprises one by one, compared with the requirements of relevant national departments for the industry, implemented access to qualified processing enterprises or sales enterprises, and joined the glass chamber of Commerce, Issue membership card

access conditions include: having independent legal personality; The raw materials used in the production and sale of products must meet the quality requirements stipulated by the state; The products processed and sold must meet the "safety glass for construction" and the national standards of the people's Republic of China for other types of glass, and those without national standards must meet the industry standards; Mechanical equipment is produced by qualified manufacturers; Second hand equipment must be examined and approved by relevant experts; The investment scale of newly-built production and processing enterprises shall not be less than 8million yuan; Abide by laws and regulations and pay taxes according to regulations; Operate in good faith and have no record of "bad behavior"

enterprises that do not meet the conditions should be rectified within a time limit, and enterprises that still fail to meet the rectification should be punished by the relevant government departments according to the situation

President Wang Hengchun said that he hoped that the access system would be recognized and supported by the government as soon as possible. Under the leadership of the government, the chamber of commerce is willing to actively participate in the formulation and revision of various standards in the industry, organize the implementation, recommend famous and high-quality products to the society, assist government departments in cracking down on fake and shoddy products, and take due responsibility for purifying glass market access and improving the level of glass deep processing

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